Live, Love and Breathe again

Full of love

Imagine if you will that when you are born you are handed a beautiful magic bag full of love. The only instruction you’re given is that you have to carry the bag with you always for the rest of your life. However, no one tells you the bag is magic or how to use it correctly.

You are delighted with this wonderful bag of love. You play, laugh, have fun and share your bag with others freely. It is full to overflowing with love, warmth, imagination, compassion, joy, laughter, self-confidence and possibility. In fact anything your heart desires is contained within this bag.

The Pain of Loss

Full of pain

As you grow and move along life’s path you encounter things that cause you to feel sad, hurt, angry, afraid, pain, fear, alone, lost, ashamed and heartbroken. It maybe the death of a loved one, a divorce, a change of health, redundancy, a broken friendship. Often as children we are comforted by well-meaning parents, grandparents, teachers and friends who offer us a cookie to soothe the hurt and dry the tears.

Every time you encounter something painful, the negative energy changes one of the hearts into a brick. Some bricks may feel bigger than others, yet into the bag they go. Each one representing another twist and turn along the path of your life.


Heavy burden

It doesn’t take much imagination to understand how your bag can become very heavy after a while. You might even have to find something to put it in because the bag is starting to tear. You diligently and obediently find a bigger crate to put it in and you carry on. After all, that’s what you saw your parents, grandparents and friends doing. So this must be the way to deal with it, right?!

Unfortunately the load becomes more and more burdensome. You’re doing everything you can to distract yourself from it’s cutting edges. Maybe you even do things you wish you didn’t and feel ashamed of yourself. But the drive to ease the pain is too strong. You try to soothe yourself with chocolate, sex, work, new clothes, wine, antidepressants, computer games? ANYTHING to take your mind off the pain.

What happened to me!

What happened?

Somehow you believe that chocolate or wine can help. You remember feeling a little relief when you were given a hug and a cookie when you cried as a child. You get used to having one slice of chocolate cake or one glass of wine and realise it is no longer enough. Maybe you should have two! Three. Four. Five………..

One day you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror! OMG!!! Who the f*** is that?!!!! You no longer recognise the beautiful soul within full of love, promise and laughter. You feel so heavy, burdened, lonely and hurting.

What the hell happened? What is wrong with me? I need help? I don’t know what to do? Who can help me?

That’s it

Suddenly from deep in your heart you feel a flash of inspiration. You’re sure you saw a Facebook post the other day! Or recall a friend recommending someone who helped her! Or you find that card you picked up at an event in your purse, promoting the benefits of The Grief Recovery Method.

Something inside of you just knows! You make the call. 🙂 A couple of days later you have an Introductory meeting and bam!! This is it! Despite the fear, you are prepared to take the step anyway. You know this is what you need to do.

Freedom to move forward

Free to live. Free to love. Free to breathe.

Eight weeks later your life has changed! You feel a huge sense of relief and peace. The weight has been put down. You finally realise it was actually the hug that helped you feel better as a child not the cookie. Your bricks have magically turned back into hearts. You are free!

Free to make new choices. Free to smile again. Free to start a new relationship. Free to look at the beautiful soul in the mirror and know you love her again. You know you have the right tools to help yourself and your family for the rest of your life. No more filling your bag with the heavy bricks of loss. You are Free to Live, Free to Love, Free to Breathe.

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