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My clients are single fathers who

* Are success focused entrepreneurs, CEOs and working professionals seeking emotional support following separation, divorce or bereavement

* Want to create a positive ripple effect within their family, personal and business relationships

* Are open minded and ready to learn about themselves using logic, creativity, quantum physics and spiritual teaching

* Have a great study ethic 

* Believe in Self Development

* Are ready to let go of the past and embrace their future

Using a combination of logical and creative thinking, quantum physics and spiritual concepts I help my clients find freedom from emotional pain and limiting beliefs so they can focus on creating a positive ripple effect in their personal and business life.

What are the Outcomes for you?

1. Emotional Wellness

If you're trying to maintain a professional persona at work, but inside you're emotionally falling apart, not sleeping, feeling lost and alone, it's wise to seek help isn't it?

If you're procrastinating, feeling angry or tearful at inappropriate moments at work or home it makes logical sense to do something about it doesn't it?

I'll help you regain your peace of mind so you can focus on what's important. Growing your business, supporting your clients and customers and nurturing your family, personal  and business relationships. 

It's time to talk. 

2. Mental Wellness

Freedom to share your thoughts and feelings in a non-judgmental, safe confidential environment is worth its weight in gold isn't it?


Like all of nature, if you're not growing you're dying. Life is about expansion, growth and becoming more than you were yesterday.

Mental wellbeing depends on physically doing, emotionally developing and spiritually growing. If you can do all these together it would make sense wouldn't it?

Ready to find out more?

3. Physical Wellness

There is no such thing as a self made millionaire! They all had helpers and mentors to overcome their blindspots and see new perspectives.

Our emotional and mental blocks impact our physical wellbeing too.

If you're experiencing aches, pains, illness or injuries, your body is letting you know it's time to change. It's worth paying attention before things get worse isn't it?

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4. Spiritual Wellness

Creating positive, healthy relationships is so much easier when you're in a good place emotionally, mentally and physically isn't it.

Understanding yourself and others creates a solid foundation upon which to build. Being self aware is vital. 

You are not an island. Everything is energy and all is connected. Thoughts and feelings are energy and the life you're experiencing is created by the energy you radiate. When you change your thoughts you change your life.

That makes sense doesn't it?

Let's talk.

When a person has access to both the intuitive, creative and visual right brain, and the analytical, logical, verbal left brain, then the whole brain is working. And this tool is best suited to the reality of what life is, because life is not just logical - it is also emotional.” - Stephen Covey


I have been very fortunate to have been personally mentored by Sandra Owen. I found Sandra to be warm, empathetic, and compassionate.  As I applied my new skills she was beside me every step of the way as a patient observer and a skilful mentor.  She intuitively knew when to let me find my own answers and when to use the moment as a teaching opportunity. 

Sandra is heart centred and is truly interested in helping others ignite their imagination. To help them reconnect with their inner child.  If someone is feeling stuck and unable to move forward in their life Sandra has the ability to help individuals rediscover their hidden talents and potential.

Tammy Adams (Canada)

 Intuitive Coach and Grief Recovery Specialist

I had the privilege of enjoying the personal coaching of Sandra Owen for over six months and she is the most amazing asset in mentoring. Her gentle touch and understanding nature coupled with a sincere desire to help and be of service can propel You towards Your goals and aims as she did for me. I would not be where I am today without her support!

Claes Wallenberg (Sweden)

MasterKey Guide and Off the Grid Hiker

Sandra is a great listener and an attentive observer and very patient. What I appreciated most was that she asked the right questions at the right moment and accompanied my inner process without interfering. She encouraged me to be persistent in my exercises and to look over them again and again until the result was resonating with and in ME.

I’m so grateful for all her sharing of knowledge, experiences, skills and most important her dedication and love.

Anne Denis (France)

Language Tutor and Network Marketer


Sandra Owen

I am a Life Transformation Coach, Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist and qualified Woodwind Tutor. I have a BA (hons) and the CT ABRSM (Certificate of Teaching) in Music and over 25 years teaching experience. I have mentored people from all over the world as a Master Guide for the MasterKey Experience.  Read More