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Achieving Joy Through Creative Play

  • Are you feeling lost or stuck in life and unsure what to do now?

  • Ready to release the negative feelings and experience joy again? 

Unlocking the door to your Joy

We all have times in life when we feel trapped, out of touch with our dreams and are unsure what to do next.

I believe reconnecting with your creative spirit is vitally important to helping you move forward again. It isn't as hard as you might think to reignite your creativity, tap into your innate super power and find joy within.

I offer bespoke 1:1 and Group Coaching Programs to help you move forward again if you've hit one of these emotional and mental brick walls.

Why is Creative Art important for Emotional Wellbeing?

Creative art is a powerful tool in the pursuit of emotional wellbeing. Artistic expression can help you process and manage your emotions, reduce stress and anxiety, increase self-awareness and self-esteem, and promote a sense of relaxation and calm. Plus it's great fun!

Here are just a few ways that creative art can benefit emotional wellbeing:

1. Self Expression

Self-expression: Art allows you to express yourself in a non-verbal way. It can provide a safe outlet for difficult emotions such as anger, sadness or grief as well as joy and love.

It helps you express your unique self in a way nothing else can.

2. Mindfulness

Mindfulness: The process of creating art can be meditative and calming, promoting mindfulness and a sense of presence in the moment.

Creative activity focuses your mind and body in the moment, blocking out other worries.  You'll never find the solution by focusing on the problem. You have to allow your vibrational energy to rise so solutions can flow easier. This is achieved through refocusing your mind in ways that help you feel better.

3. Emotional Regulation

Emotional regulation: Art can help you regulate your emotions by providing a way to externalise and process your feelings.

You don't need to be an expert to enjoy creative art. As children we naturally loved experiment and have fun through play. Art helps you express when words aren't enough.

4. Social Connection & Self Esteem

Social connection: Art can be a shared experience, promoting social connection and a sense of community. 

Self-esteem: Creative art can boost self-esteem by providing a sense of accomplishment and pride in one's work. I have witnessed this shift in self-esteem, joy and satisfaction over and over again through working with people.

There are so many different forms of creative art that are beneficial to your emotional wellbeing, including painting, drawing, sculpting, music, dance, creative writing, cooking, performing art, improvisation; the list is endless. The key is to find the form, or forms, of creative expression that feel meaningful and enjoyable for you, and to engage in them regularly. Creativity as a form of self-care is just as important for the mind, body and spirit as sleeping, eating, meditation and walking in nature.

What Others Say

I found Sandra to be warm, empathetic, and compassionate. She was beside me every step of the way as a patient observer and a skillful mentor. She intuitively knew when to let me find my own answers and when to use the moment as a teaching opportunity. 

If someone is feeling stuck and unable to move forward in their life Sandra has the ability to help individuals rediscover their hidden talents and potential.

I would encourage anyone who is creative, would like to be creative, or doesn’t think they are creative to connect with Sandra. You will gain much more than you could ever imagine!

Tammy Adams (Canada)

Intuitive Coach and Advanced Grief Recovery Specialist

I had the privilege of enjoying the personal coaching of Sandra Owen for over six months and she is the most amazing asset in mentoring. Her gentle touch and understanding nature coupled with a sincere desire to help and be of service can propel You towards Your goals and aims as she did for me. I would not be where I am today without her support!

Claes Wallenberg (Sweden)

Masterkey Guide and Off the Grid Hiker

Sandra is a great listener and an attentive observer and very patient. What I appreciated most was that she asked the right questions at the right moment and accompanied my inner process without interfering. 

I’m so grateful for all her sharing of knowledge, experiences, skills and most important her dedication and love.

Anne Denis (France)

Language Tutor and Network Marketer

Sandra Owen

I passionately believe in supporting emotional wellbeing through creative art. I am also a qualified Woodwind Tutor and use crafting, drawing and fun creative thinking games to inspire and ignite your thinking.

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