Case Studies

Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Change


A journey of determination, inspiration and hope

From the tragedy and devastation of personal loss, Phyl's love, determination and tenacity turned her experiences into a positive force for good. She has become a role model for many as a Senior Trainer for Grief Recovery UK. She is a leading figure for health and wellbeing within the country of Shropshire and beyond.


A journey of


courage and Triumph 

Conformity in school and corporate life had boxed Sam into a corner creatively. She'd forgotten how to give herself permission to be herself. Sam is an outstanding mentor in the field of public speaking and a communications expert for adults with autism. Sam is a multiple Gold award speaker and Senior Leader for Toastmasters in Shropshire.


A journey of Confidence, Co-creation and friendship

Tammy was already a successful coach based in Canada when our paths crossed in 2015. Like any professional practitioner she is always developing and growing her own skills and understanding. Whether you believe in happy coincidences or divine synchronity, I will be forever grateful that we met. 

True Transformations

Case Studies from previous clients


It was a few years after the tragic death of my husband that I met Sandra. Whilst I had already embarked on a journey of self-discovery and healing, I was at a crossroads and not sure how best to go forward. I had been unable to secure employment after redundancy and had become self-employed which I enjoyed. However, I was not earning enough to support myself and at my age I knew it would be difficult to secure a job and had begun to contemplate a significant step to develop my business. Whilst this was exciting, I found just thinking about it was overwhelming and I got stuck in a cycle of self talk: ‘do it’….. don’t do it’. Fear began to hold me back and seek comfort in the known and secure – ie to end self- employment and seek an employed role. Having tried to get a ‘proper’ job previously, I knew from experience that this was becoming increasingly unlikely the older I got. I felt stuck!

I tried to ignore my problems by socialising, drinking and generally having a good time; but all the while this was making matters worse as my savings that were keeping me afloat were diminishing rapidly! At a network meeting I was chatting to Sandra about my dilemma (she has natural empathy and great listening skills) and she told me about her coaching course. I was immediately interested as the ethos fitted with my own interests and values and I was open to trying something new that would challenge me in a spiritual and creative way.

Having undertaken the coaching programme I found that I wanted to trust my intuition and abilities and I took the significant step of taking on office space and a professional PR and marketing campaign. This had been my vision and it helped my business grow such that I no longer had to consider employed work! Several years later I am still in business and may soon be able to provide work to others! These days I continue to catch up with Sandra and undertake her short courses to keep my mind open to new ways of thinking. If you are stuck, either in your personal life or in business, I highly recommend Sandra - you will find it enlightening and productive to invest in yourself. You have so much to gain!


Before I met Sandra I had been divorced, bereaved of my beloved cats and had just resigned from 20+ years in corporate life as I was heading for burn-out. I was already self-employed but had decades of negative conditioning from school, parents, university and office jobs. I was the square peg that did not fit into the round hole. I was keen to make a go of my business and new life away from mega-stress and rules I couldn’t conform to but I was stuck. I was so used to having someone tell me what to do - I had forgotten how to be creative and think for myself. I was so scared to make a mistake (because the punishment in the past had been so painful, physically and mentally) that I wouldn’t try anything new or even slightly risky. 

I needed to find a way to re-programme my mind into a different space. One where I didn’t need to seek permission all the time. I needed to learn that failing was actually a great way to move forward with new ideas. I needed to not fear the uncertainty of being self-employed aswell, what would life be like if I became a success, how would my life change?

I resisted doing tasks that I needed to do to move my business forward. I wanted approval from others, I wanted my current husband to be more interested than he is. I didn’t feel supported and I felt like it was hard work everyday to get going. I felt like I was not pulling my weight in my relationship financially which felt like an additional burden.

I often found myself avoiding doing any of my “To do” list which overwhelmed me and doing something else instead, like binge watching TV shows or staying in bed. My health was okay but I led an unhealthy lifestyle and I was overweight. I am quite cautious of people who do the big sell, so I had steered away from seeking help from people who were overtly offering it online. In truth I wasn’t actively looking for help because I was unconsciously incompetent, and I didn’t know that help existed for what I needed to solve.

I met Sandra at a networking group and we soon became firm friends, you know how you just click with someone right away? Because I got to know her quite well, I felt I could trust her and knew she was full of integrity and also this vast knowledge and experience of helping others break through their barriers in an innovative and interesting way. I’ve been a fan of personal development for years and have a bookcase full of books to show for it, so I’m not shy about seeking out information but sometimes you need someone to be there with you to walk you through it - ask some tricky questions that you’re avoiding and to challenge you in a way you wouldn’t do if you were on your own. I loved the creative metaphors and had rarely given myself that kind of time to think. I had done mindless escapism but not mindfulness or concentrated on how I feel, and why. I liked the balance of coaching and homework, because that gave me time to reflect and try things out without being hurried or watched over. It allowed me to be more honest with myself. I never felt lectured or judged.

I suspect if I had not worked with Sandra I would be back in corporate by now trying to scratch out a living and trying not to burn out –thoroughly miserable and resentful. My relationship would have suffered as I became more miserable and I would have struggled to maintain friendships as I would not have been able to afford to go out, and I would have been too tired and not wanted to anyway. I might have been financially better off, but that doesn’t mean that I would have been happier or healthier.

I didn’t see any risks to working with Sandra –it was an easy yes because I felt she had my comfort and happiness at heart. I never felt like I was just another client. I had reservations about if I could make myself do the homework because I didn’t want to let Sandra (or myself) down, but I found that I wanted to do it. Investing in myself was a tricky thought because I have felt so unworthy for so long, but I felt that taking this plunge was my only way to solving my barrier problems and making my business have a fighting chance. I so desperately did not want to go back to corporate.

I didn’t have any reservations about working with Sandra as I knew she had my best interests at heart. I wasn’t prepared for the massive changes I experienced by attending and really committing to this programme. I had recaptured my childlike wonder and dropped most of the fear of failure that I carried with me. It made me want to go home and work on my business - I was excited for it, instead of avoiding it. I realised I only need to give myself permission to do anything.


My name is Tammy and my work with Sandra has been both unique and life changing. I am sharing my story, because as a Certified Coach Practitioner I believe it is extremely important for a coach to have completed their own inner work before beginning to support others. Sandra has done just that!

This is where I first met Sandra. I had recently completed a very in-depth personal development program (which Sandra had completed the year prior) and I had chosen to remain with the program in order to support others as they began this incredible journey. As a coach I was offered a mentor and I was fortunate to be partnered with Sandra.

As a coach and mentor I found Sandra to be incredibly supportive, intuitive, and gifted at asking the perfect questions, at the perfect time. My confidence grew as we worked closely together for the next six months. Her collaborative approach always permitted me to feel her equal.

It is very important for an entrepreneur to have confidence and to be able to take calculated risks in order to achieve desired goals. Sandra provides a safe place to talk through alternatives and has successfully guided me during those difficult decisions by either drawing on her own experience or allowing me to work through each scenario.

As Sandra and I both stepped forward onto the next leg of our journey, self-employment, our close working relationship continued. I have found Sandra to be an invaluable Mastermind partner as we face the trials and rewards of self-employment together.

What Sandra brings to our professional relationship is tremendous insight. Her creative approach to problem solving encourages me to trust my instincts and personal talents. The life of an entrepreneur, at times can be lonely. You can feel like an island in the ocean. With Sandra, I have never felt alone as I worked to establish my career.

Sandra’s support has seen me add several additional trainings and tools to my service base. She understands the services I offer and she has provided immeasurable marketing and program development guidance.

If you are stuck and looking for direction I would highly recommend Sandra. We, as a society, have never been taught the value of investing in ourselves. Sandra will quickly display, to you, the benefits of working with a skilled and talented facilitator.