Sandra Owen

Woodwind Tutor

and Creative Mentor

Sam M

Shropshire, UK

I contacted Sandra directly following a recommendation.  From the first email Sandra was nothing but friendly, professional and warm and put me at ease immediately. 

I approached Sandra to get some grief counselling following the loss of my Dad, as I thought I was coping and then realised 18 months on, I wasn’t and needed some help and support and that’s where Sandra came in and the programme.

I did find some of the activities that needed to be completed a challenge, but that wasn’t actually doing them, it more the thought of having another deadline of something to produce in an already busy life, but once completed, I completely saw the benefit of these and it was incredibly well supported and discussed at our weekly 121 sessions.  They we explained clearly and Sandra gave me all the support I needed to do the activities.

These sessions have made me stop and rethink and to look at new ways to help me cope better. 

She is very caring, empathetic and genuinely wants to help and you can’t help but warm to Sandra as soon as you meet her. She is a great listener. 

Thank you Sandra

Anne D

Paris, France

Sandra is a great listener and an attentive observer and very patient. What I appreciated most was that she asked the right questions at the right moment and accompanied my inner process without interfering. She encouraged me to be persistent in my exercises and to look over them again and again until the result was resonating with and in ME.
I’m so grateful for all her sharing of knowledge, experiences, skills and most important her dedication and love.

Tammy A

Ontario, Canada

I have been very fortunate to have been personally mentored by Sandra Owen. I found Sandra to be warm, empathetic, and compassionate. As I applied my new skills she was beside me every step of the way as a patient observer and a skillful mentor. She intuitively knew when to let me find my own answers and when to use the moment as a teaching opportunity. 

Sandra is heart centred and is truly interested in helping others ignite their imagination. To help them reconnect with their inner child. If someone is feeling stuck and unable to move forward in their life Sandra has the ability to help individuals rediscover their hidden talents and potential.

I feel blessed to have her in my life. I would encourage anyone who is creative, would like to be creative, or doesn’t think they are creative to connect with Sandra. You will gain much more than you could ever imagine!

Eileen T

Cheshire, Uk

The Grief Recovery Course follows the programme in The Grief Recovery Handbook  by John W. James and Russell Friedman who are founders of the Grief Recovery Institute. Each session is undertaken in comfortable quiet surroundings by Sandra who is extremely professional, but a very gentle empathetic therapist. 

The process takes the client through a series of exercises each week using a set text which provides the necessary next steps in the course of action. It is vital that clients fully address issues and engage with this course in order that they benefit fully and gain an awareness and insight from it. Sandra is an extremely easy person to speak to, she is sincere in her beliefs of the successfulness of the Grief Recovery, and she promotes confidence with her stress on absolute confidentiality. 

I found this programme extremely useful and continue to to benefit from the guidance and insightfulness, which I gained during the sessions.

Lois B

Shropshire, UK

I attended Sandra’s program during a traumatic professional situation. 

I would like to recommend the quality of Sandra’s professional service tailored to my individual needs from first hand experience. I think every attendee would leave with an opportunity to think and reflect creatively gaining support and confidence in their ability to make positive changes in their life.


I found the interaction with Sandra Owen completely tailored to my individual needs providing a platform from which I was able to explore new ways to create, think and plan ahead in a professional, relaxed and creative environment with Sandra’s guidance.

The key difference with this self discovery program was Sandra’s use of bespoke craft activities to demonstrate new ways to think about and view difficulties and to produce very carefully constructed craft items, with Sandra’s support, whilst gaining confidence about those craft successes.

The activities were both a challenge and a delight to produce and being a regular attendee in a relaxed and well supported group was very enjoyable and supportive. Whilst immersed in the carefully constructed craft activities there was an opportunity to gain insight into new ways to view problematic situations and share those in the group if members wished to do this.

I am a person who is qualified in 3 professional areas. I deliver training in my current professional job role.

Sandra’s bespoke and unique creative self discovery program is one of the most beneficial training courses I have experienced to date. The course specifically helped me to :-

* Engage in new thinking

* Regain confidence to succeed

* Enjoy craft activities which produced high quality items

* Express myself as an individual

* Accept and share praise

* Move forward and use my experience to plan ahead creatively

As a direct result of my attendance of Sandra's program I have redesigned my income and life/work balance, improving satisfaction and well being. The program provided a catalyst for change. The opportunity to be part of Sandra's work was an absolute privilege, one which others should have access to. I would thoroughly recommend the benefits of this opportunity for self action.

Sam W

Shropshire, UK

Sandra took time to sort of baseline where I was before we began the program, to understand my individual needs. Throughout the program she was able to relate the key learning points to my original needs which I thought was impressive, respectful and worked really well. It felt personalised even though this is a fully completed and documented course.

Her teaching style is patient, gentle but firm and confident. The theory was cleverly woven through the craft sessions so that the relationship between the two were made clear. 

I find Sandra knowledgeable, professional and dedicated. Her extensive knowledge of the psychology and spirituality behind changing one’s mindset gives her a unique set of skills. She formulated the content in the courses entirely on her own and it is all original. She has integrity, honesty and kindness that she gives willingly making her approachable, flexible and successful.

Everyone else I have met who has worked with her or completed her course raves about the life-changing qualities of her courses. She has allowed herself to be vulnerable and generous with her clients which in turn has given them permission to make changes in their lives and she makes it easy to trust her with this delicate and sometimes emotional change.

I look forward to working with Sandra for many years to come.

Anne D

Paris, France

Sandra is a great listener and an attentive observer and very patient. What I appreciated most was that she asked the right questions at the right moment and accompanied my inner process without interfering. She encouraged me to be persistent in my exercises and to look over them again and again until the result was resonating with and in ME. I’m so grateful for all her sharing of knowledge, experiences, skills and most important her dedication and love. Thank you, Sandra!

Ellen M


Because I found Sandra’s style to be so gentle & welcoming, and the videos were well done & easy to follow, I surprised myself with how much I “realized” about myself. The 7 week combination of music, coloring, reading, reflecting and crafting have set me on a new course of introspection for life! & I have found a new way to generate love, joy and energy for myself & share with all those in my world- invaluable!

Greg L

Hobart, Tasmania

Sandra became my mentor and I found she was able to bring out the best in me and set me on a path of self discovery. She is a great giver, drawing from years of personal experience and challenges. She has a great understanding of personality traits along with her ability to empathise and encourage.She is totally honest and doesn’t withhold if she can see what’s holding you back from progress.

I am happy to recommend her and I am forever grateful for her timely wisdom and friendship.

Cheryl A

London, UK

Being on my own personal journey of self discovery, understanding and development has been, and I’m sure will continue to be, an exciting roller coaster. However, with the guidance and mentoring of Sandra, she has helped me learn how to find solutions and clarity through processing, challenging myself and guiding with helpful questions, referred to tools and reading references, to arrive at my own decisions and understanding. I am very grateful to have been mentored, guided and coached by Sandra and consider her a valuable friend. 

Sandra is an amazingly kind, patient, empathetic and savvy lady who with her natural gifted skill of guiding and helping others, has always helped me to feel comfortable in being honest and encouraged to be courageous in living and loving life. Thank you, thank you, thank you sandra for being an amazing guide.

Sian M

Shropshire, UK

This course has been a godsend. It has reignited my creative spark but more importantly allowed me time and guidance to adjust my thinking processes to realise a better, more positive future. Not so much money, but time well spent. Sandra has a very gentle but persistent way of teasing out troubles and finding solutions without you even realising it is happening whilst you play and create lovely things.

Claes W


I had the privilege of enjoying the personal coaching of Sandra Owen for over six months and she is the most amazing asset in mentoring. Her gentle touch and understanding nature coupled with a sincere desire to help and be of service can propel You towards Your goals and aims as she did for me. I would not be where I am today without her support!

Ash R

Staffordshire, Uk

I found Sandra Owen to be a highly skilled and knowledgeable coach. She has a deep understanding of the impact of unresolved emotional pain and limiting beliefs on individuals and their family. Her approach is gentle, sincere and honest. I was able to pour my heart out in a way I have never before and I felt fully understood, supported and heard. The impact this has had on me personally and my future is immense. I would highly recommend anyone who is struggling emotionally or mentally to speak to Sandra. It was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself and my children.

Gemma W

Shropshire, Uk

I was really apprehensive about dealing with the grief of my mum. Having kept it buried for so long. But I finally took the plunge and did the grief recovery method course with Sandra. It really helped that Sandra had gone through a similar experience and had found the course really helped her. The grief recovery method slowly guides you through so you feel safe to open up those old wounds and let go of those painful emotions that were too difficult to let go of before. Sandra guided and supported me through the course and it even helped me to work through a difficult relationship with someone still alive. Thank you Sandra for all your support, guidance and understanding. I would really recommend anyone to go and do the grief recovery method.

Joan C

Shropshire, Uk

At the age of 70 I believe I am the eldest person that you have taken through the 'Grief Recovery Programme'? I thank you so much for your wisdom, understanding and patients. Sandra you have been an absolute 'rock' to lean on supporting me through some dark days. I came onto the programme having just been diagnosed with breast cancer and the start of the Covid-19 virus epidemic and also carrying a lifetime of hurt and mistrust. However your help and guidance through the Grief Recovery Programme has helped me see past events clearly. I cannot thank you enough Sandra, now I can get on with my treatment and a full recovery with optimism and positivity knowing  that at last I can respect and love myself, having come to terms with the events of the past.

Mike S

West Midlands, Uk

I've recently completed the Grief Recovery Method 1:1 Program with Sandra as part of my recuperation from depression of last year. I felt slightly sceptical at first about the course's relevance to my depression, but I started and kept going and I'm very glad I did so!

The course introduces you to the Grief Recovery handbook. It's a good introduction to the practical stage of the course - which was where the real work begins! The system was well explained by Sandra and you need to prepare for each week. Sandra has a very good understanding of the course content and its requirements to get the best out of the program. I put in the effort and it paid dividends.

I felt the more I continued through the course the more peaceful I became. When I went through the losses I had, at first it felt like exploring a field of bomb craters - loads of mess and unhappiness. Bit-by-bit, crater-by-crater, with Sandra's support and guidance, I started to put feelings and past incidents together  (crying my heart out on several occasion), and repacking them into something much neater - something I felt I understood more, addressed more and could let go of more. By the end of the course, I felt much more at peace with my past and had a much clearer perspective of it.

Sandra is a consummate professional. She was knowledgeable, caring, considerate and had salient and meaningful answers to my questions and doubts. I'm glad that I went through with the Grief Recovery Program and equally happy that my grief specialist was Sandra Owen.


Shropshire, Uk

was going through a difficult time with my husband when I was given Sandra’s name and number. I thought I wasn’t ready to face the pain of talking about my emotions, but once I began the Grief Recovery Programme everything became easier. Sandra was professional and caring throughout. Her patience, gentleness and understanding of how my emotions were in turmoil really helped me to be able to talk and cry openly and with honesty. The relief it brought is huge!

Having completed the programme, step by step, I’m now able to move forward with my life and to let go of all the pain and hurt that’s been holding me back.

I can’t recommend this programme enough. It works! Sandra is a wonderful person and I feel blessed to have been helped by her.

Diane V

Shropshire, UK

Before completing the grief recovery course with Sandra I felt as if I was carrying a great weight in my heart.  I was unable to deal with the envelope of sadness wrapped around me. I had so many regrets about words unspoken and things left undone. Sandra’s gentle guidance through the grief recovery process has helped me move from hopelessness to hope, from darkness to light. I now feel more able to move on with my life and remember without sadness or guilt. I feel that the weight in my heart has been lifted. Thank you Sandra.

Anita H

Shropshire, UK

I wanted to try The Grief Recovery programme because my mind was just full of my ex-husband and it was bringing me down to a point I wasn't really living. Going through the programme was emotional, I was coming face to face with moments that had happened and I'd been trying to ignore them in my mind. It was a good feeling to get everything out, all my feelings and thoughts and the day after my final session I woke with relief on my shoulders, I felt relaxed and calm. Now talking about my ex-husband doesn't bring tears and anxiety and I feel peace within myself. I can't thank Sandra and the Grief Recovery program enough for giving me peace in mind to move forward. I would recommend it to anyone who needs help moving forward.

Anita B

Shropshire, UK

Re Grief Recovery: I would like to say how helpful I found working through the Grief Recovery Programme was. The process really helps to clear negative thoughts, energies and myths. When I read the final letters and then burnt them it was like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. I was feeling much more positive by the end of the course. Sandra was amazing, she is very approachable and supportive throughout. I have made a lovely new friend.

Ann B

Shropshire, UK

I met Sandra at an event we both attended after which we friended on FB and were able to keep in touch. Last year I had a few anxiety/panic attacks which landed me in hospital as I had severe chest pains too. I posted on FB about these and I couldn’t work out why I was having them.

Sandra contacted me and kindly suggested she might be able to help me as she knew I had experienced multiple bereavements at a young age. We met and she explained about the grief recovery programme. I accepted this and began my sessions on a weekly basis. I found Sandra extremely kind and had so much empathy towards my situation. The programme has really helped me to move on in a way I never would of thought of doing by myself. I feel calmer, not so paranoid and “touch wood” no more anxiety attacks .

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sandra for helping me so much. I was truly blessed to have met her and get so much help.

Lesley E

Shropshire, UK

Excellent course. Fun throughout, thought provoking and life changing! Sandra is an excellent teacher and mentor. Thank you Sandra xx

Pauline P

Shropshire, UK

This is by far the best ever course. I have enjoyed every moment. Sandra is such an inspiration and I would recommend it to everyone. Worth every penny.

Anita B

Shropshire, UK

Re Creative Workshop: I found this course really therapeutic and enjoyable. There were a whole host of materials and media to try. It was based around things you enjoyed doing as a child so it bought lots of happy memories flooding back while working. Thoroughly enjoyable. Thank you Sandra

Eileen T

Cheshire, UK

Sandra Owen has conceived and developed an innovative course offering an opportunity to experience personal enlightenment through creative workshops. 

Sandra is an accomplished and lovely individual who professionally and personally, delivers taster sessions and the full 7 week course. The classes are undertaken in comfortable and friendly surroundings with the opportunity for clients, should they wish, to socialise.


The programme is based on several thinkers aesthetics and self help philosophies. Participants will find that they receive full benefit from workshops and the outcome if they read the notes provided with each session and undertake the assignments suggested. In addition, all the craft supplies are using recycled items and consequently it is a fun and useful exercise in upcycling. This has been an excellent opportunity for me to reflect and focus on my life and I would not hesitate in recommending the courses, which I have found so beneficial to my mental and physical health.

Inka P

Shropshire, UK

I met Sandra at a networking event and I was immediately drawn to her wonderful personality. I always wanted to up my creativity, but I have learned that I am better with tuition, so I have joined Sandra at one of her 1 day Creative Experience Workshops which gave me an insight on how Sandra works! Signing up for the creative self discovery course was a total no-brainer. 

I loved my time with this fantastic lady, the course is well structured and there is a different topic every time – and best of all, a lot is upcycling. You get some homework, which gets you into the habit of continuing your journey of self finding at home and I certainly replaced some bad habits by sitting down and colouring instead after only two sessions. Sandra gives you a lot of time and support and also gives you the freedom of implementing your own ideas. All materials are included and you do not only take 7 projects home, but several!

I consider myself as pretty self aware already but I still had several light bulb moments through this course and I highly recommend it – it will change your world! This is money very well spent and super value as you get soooooo much out of it!!

Diane M

Shropshire, UK

Spent a lovely day on Sandra’s creative experience day. The venue was warm and welcoming and the art projects we worked on were wonderfully absorbing . It was a fun day and very therapeutic for me and I felt relaxed yet energised and inspired when , at the end of the day , I walked out with three homemade projects! Sandra was a very good tutor and the day was extremely enjoyable .

Margaret B

Shropshire, UK

Attending this workshop was a joy right from the initial contact with Sandra who was very welcoming and informative.

It was a great taster for Sandra’s other courses and a perfect way of getting to know her work. The day was very relaxing and comfortable. I created a piece of art that I would never have considered. Sandra was excellent at guiding me through the project and explaining clearly the therapeutic advantages of including creativity in our lives.

I would definitely recommend this workshop.