C25 Every journey starts….

With One Step

This week has been a series of steps for me, as well as for hundreds of people who have opted in for information regarding the 2014 MasterKey Experience. Click here if you want to check if the Masterkey Mastermind Alliance is right for you…… The 2014 class starts in two weeks….. 1000 pay-it-forward places up for grabs! You can’t buy it. Start your journey. Just…

 Take that first step!! 🙂

one stepIn my journey to create a hands-on creativity course to help people reconnect with their imagination I have had to step out of my comfort zone and really look at the behind the scenes ‘business side’ of things. Ticking all the legal boxes and requirements in order to ensure every stone is turned. As I keep my eye on the horizon and put one foot in front of the other, I see my goals and desires in front of me. Am I there yet?

Picture the horizon far out ahead, set the direction you want to go in and take that first step. That wasn’t so bad was it?! Now take another. Phew…made it!!!!

lion-terror.jpgIf I stopped to worry about what ‘metaphorical’ lions and tigers and bears might be on the other side of the horizon I would never have set out on my journey! Something I have really understood over the last couple of weeks is that every time you take one step forward, the horizon moves one step away, but……the object of my desire is one step closer. 🙂 With each step notice the details of where you are. Every action we take teaches us so the next step feels even easier. I can see my new home out there between me and the horizon. As I step out towards it my journey starts. My path becomes tangible and my desires become a reality. You will never reach the horizon, so what is beyond it does not matter.

Am I there yet?….As I reach a place that a few months ago was ‘a horizon’ it is now, real and manageable. It has become a part of my experience and is no longer just a dream. Take each obstacle one at a time, climb it, go round it, go under it. But no matter where you are the horizon is still the horizon. You will never stop dreaming, and you can never reach the end of the path. So enjoy the journey and have fun. Look around at the beauty of where you are and enjoy each day because tomorrow it’ll be the past. Don’t look back. Check your compass, focus on where you put your feet and you’ll get there sooner than you think.