Creativity Courses with a capital D!

D for Difference!

What makes Gifted Life courses DIFFERENT from any other creativity course? 

Immersing the whole brain in creativity over several weeks will help you really tap into your imagination and experience the feel good factor of personal achievement, meet that inner need for human interaction and connection, and feel the peace and relaxation that comes from refocusing your energy through concentration in a positive, uplifting environment.

hamster wheel lifeThe Creative Arts aspect allows you to change the way you look at things. Taking ‘perceived’ trash and realising it’s potential by turning it into a treasure you can keep or give as a gift. It is hugely rewarding and deeply satisfying on an emotional level, plus just taking the time to STOP the ‘hamster wheel’ of life and quieten your mind, engage your hands and reconnect with your creative side allows your mind and heart to talk to each other on an unconscious level, and free your mind to receive ‘aha’ moments.

The Creative Thinking aspect is two fold. It allows you time to reflect on your own life in the privacy of your own home and journal your thoughts, feelings and experiences through the use of a questionnaire prepared around each weeks topic, and also during the workshop as a group and have fun exploring ideas and concepts.

brainThe opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument on the Full Day course allows you to reach those parts of your brain other ‘beers’ cannot reach!! 😀 Music is one of the only activities that engages the whole brain, firing up those neural connections between the left cognitive thinking side and the right creative thinking side. Maybe you’ve heard it said ‘the brighter kids in school do music’. I don’t believe that is true. Actually it’s the kids that do music who are training their brains in ways other pupils are not, enabling more synaptic connections across the Corpus Callosum, therefore making their brains more receptive and themselves brighter.

What have previous clients experienced?

Hamster-with-sign_XS“The gifted life, creativity programme has inspired me to make changes in my life that are positive to my well being. I’ve had the opportunity to play an instrument and make good quality gifts from recycling materials.” Phyl. E.

“This Course has given me confidence in learning and doing something I have never done before” – Jules.D

If you feel long over due for a little creative ‘me time’ then register your preferred course below and I will contact you to confirm place availability and further details.