Follow your own rainbow

Where is the Golden Nugget?

Over the last few weeks thoughts about business and money have been going around and around in my mind. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of posts popping up on social media news feeds every day offering us the latest ‘free’ workshop by another self-made 6 or 7+ figure earning entrepreneur. Whether you’re into multilevel marketing, coaching or yoga, everyone but everyone has the answer to your problems. Just jump on their free webinar to receive their top 3 tips on how they achieved unparalleled success and all your problems will be solved! Where does following their rainbow to success take you?

Do you think you can find your ‘pot of gold’ at the end of someone else’s rainbow? If you do what they did, say what they said, jump the hurdles they’ve jumped….. will it bring you success? It’s great to learn from other people, but you can’t be a carbon copy of someone else. We all have to do what feels right for us, yet many lack the confidence and self worth, and some spend their whole lives searching for that ‘one person,’ that ‘one thing,’ that ‘golden nugget‘ that will finally clinch it for them, and reveal the pot of gold they’ve been dreaming of.

What’s at the end of your Rainbow?

Follow your own Rainbow
What’s at the end of your Rainbow?

Over the last four plus years I have been on a personal journey, to ‘discover’ my own rainbow, and see if there is a pot of gold waiting for me at the end of it. I am not a materialistic person, but wanting enough money to be able to do the things I want in life without having to scrimp and save and worry any more is normal… Right?! ūüôĀ

The ‘Hero’s Journey,’ as described by Joseph Campbell, is all about the man or woman who answers the call, that whispering of your heart to break free from conformity and have your own adventure. I remember starting my journey with trepidation, yet also a deep inner feeling that I couldn’t ignore.

I discovered the 7 colours of my rainbow consisted of TEACHING, CREATIVITY, MUSIC, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, EMOTIONAL HEALING, FRIENDSHIP and LOVE. When I understood how to combine these 7 components in my own unique way I discovered happiness was far more important than gold. Have you ever asked yourself the question, ‘If I had millions of pounds in the bank, what would I do with my life?‘ For me the answer is……I would do exactly what I am doing now. I would do it because I LOVE it. It makes me HAPPY. I do it because others LOVE it. It makes others HAPPY. ¬†(This I have proven over and over again.)

My only constant companion has been a nagging thought, ‘Can I make a living from it?!

As both love and fear persisted, what I attracted were more situations to confirm my beliefs. The Universe only knows one response to our energy vibration…..Yes…..and it only responds to our deepest beliefs. All our beliefs, emotions and actions have at their root, either love or fear. I had created my deepest love, and my deepest fear. I was doing what I love, loving what I do, and watching my bank balance plummet further and further into the red! ūüôĀ

Now what?

I’ve been consumed with reading ‘Conversations with God’ by Neale Donald Walsch¬†over the last few weeks, which have brought home a powerful understanding. You know when you know something, but when you see or hear it from one more person it’s like the stuck door suddenly opens! The messages¬† ‘We are all One‘ and ‘There is enough‘ caused a huge paradigm shift. However, verbally saying something is true and actually believing and living it create very different vibrations. As Sir Ken Robinson describes in ‘Creative Schools’ I had been running to where the puck is, instead of where it is going to. It was time to change my strategy.

Could I leap the chasm of doubt? Could I cross the molten larva ravine of fear? Do I keep searching for that elusive golden nugget that will give me the answer? Or do I trust that I’ve already found the golden nugget, in the ONLY place it ever was…… in my own heart!¬†Another decision time……… Do I listen to my heart, pay attention to my own guidance system, or take the advice of other entrepreneurs and business people? Dun dun da……….

I decided to follow my own Heart

Trust your own rainbow
Trust in your own rainbow.

I trusted my heart, and reached out to someone without any expectation of reciprocity. The result was a new client, able to participate in a wonderful programme that will enable her to move forward from her own trauma, I also received money expectedly, and believe it unlocked a door to many more blessings, many of which remain to be seen. When you Give from your heart without expectation, the Universe brings you a Receiver. When that person Receives with a grateful heart and Gives in return, the circle is complete. The energy stream is enabled to flow and new, wonderful things can happen.

The Universe has since brought to me two more instrumental pupils and freed up two days of my time a month due to changes in another circumstance. This will enable me more time to invest in doing what I love.

We live in a vibrational Universe and what you give out is what you attract back. When you come from a place of love, and trust in the whispering of your OWN HEART, your journey becomes a truly, magnificent adventure. Through my TEACHING, CREATIVITY, MUSIC, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, EMOTIONAL HEALING, FRIENDSHIP and LOVE, I trust I can remain an open channel, and hold the space that will enable others to make the changes they want to in their own lives.

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