Ideas worth millions!

Have you ever had one of those brainwave ideas and then two seconds later dismissed it as stupid, only to see someone else succeeding at the very thing you thought of a few weeks, months or years later?

Why do we ignore the prompting of our own heart? Why do we doubt ourselves? Why do we automatically rubbish inspired ideas as crazy and put the brakes on the train of thought around it?

‘A single idea may be worth millions of dollars, and these ideas can only come to those who are receptive, who are prepared to receive them, who are in successful frame of mind.’ (Charles Haanel – The Master Key System)

Everything from a pencil to a computer, a piece of paper to libraries bursting with information and stories, one musical note to a full symphony, a single brick to a castle and a bicycle to a space rocket started life as an idea in someone’s imagination.

Did you know some of the simplest ideas worth billions of dollars were created by what appeared to be either an error or a quick solution. For example, the ‘Post It Note’ recognised all over the world was created by accident? It could so easily have been dismissed by its inventor!!!

Those who have had the courage to follow inspired thoughts, experiment, develop and grow have changed the advancement of human society. Yet how many single ideas are thrown aside and dismissed due to self doubt, mistrust and lack of courage? I suspect the number is too big to contemplate!

Your imagination consists of the thoughts and feelings inside your mind that have the power and energy to create change. Our potential is limitless and yet we are so quick to dismiss our inspirations and internal promptings. Our imagination is a powerful force when used correctly.

‘If then, we find that certain persons seem to possess unusual power, what are we to conclude? First, we may say, it is not so, which is simply an acknowledgement of our lack of information because every honest investigator admits tat there are many strange and previously unaccountable phenomena constantly taking place. Those, however, who become acquainted with the creative power of thought, will no longer consider them unaccountable.’ (Charles Haanel – The Master Key System)

Too many of us have had our imaginations squashed due to a constrained and outdated education system that no longer works for the 21st Century. People all over the world are beginning to question their lives and feel dissatisfied with the way things are yet lack the imagination to change. They have been trained to see what is, rather that what could be.

I was a hugely creative child, yet I realised a few years ago when I first began my journey of personal development that my ability to dream had withered. When I did allow myself those brief glimpses of awe and wonder I quickly dismissed them as impossible for me. I was stuck in a rigid mindset, a fixed routine and the belief system that I didn’t have the money, time or skills to change.

Thankfully I found the courage to step out of my comfort zone just enough to take the first step and I have never looked back. Today I work with women who want more from their lives but don’t know how to make it happen. Many seek self-confidence, courage and a way to reignite their innate creative imagination again. Women from different life experiences with one thing in common…..lack of self confidence due to a stifled imagination. The growing list of success stories from clients is testimony to the power of reigniting your imagination.

By combining craft, recycling and personal development I enable and facilitate reconnection with your innate creative imagination. The saying ‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change’ could not be more true. But you need to prepare the brain to see new patterns and ideas.

As you literally transform rubbish into beautiful visual triggers you are transforming yourself from within. Opening your mind to possibility and potential that has been laying dormant within, sometimes for 20, 30 or 40+ years.

‘Be transformed by the renewing of your mind by changing the ideas planted there, for you cannot change your thinking until you change the ideas from which your thoughts flow.’ (Neville Goddard – The Creative Use of Imagination)

Are you ready to reconnect, reignite and remember who you really are?

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