Week C16 – Flying the Nest

It’s time to fly the nest

This has been a week of making decisions and knowing when you’re ready to fly the nest! What nest you might be thinking?

I think your ‘nest’ is anything that makes you feel comfortable and safe. It doesn’t have to be a tangible sticks and feathers or bricks and mortar nest. It could be a group, a team or a person that makes you feel safe. But every baby bird reaches a point in their development when they just have to fly solo and the only way to prove it is to jump!

NestSo after three years of hands on, daily involvement with the MasterKey Experience course from being a course member in 2013, a Certified Guide in 2014 and a Master Guide in 2015, you could say I had become comfortable. I felt safe in the knowledge that I had a team of amazing people around me, all supporting each other on what has been an epic journey.

But suddenly, almost without warning, I began to feel uncomfortable, burdened even. I guess it was sort of like trying to fly with one wing strapped to my body. I was flapping the one wing as hard as I could but somehow was not getting the momentum needed for lift off. And then I realised I had become reliant. I had become reliant on my new friends from all over the world. I had become comfortable in this wonderful environment of positive, likeminded people. For me emotionally the team of people I had grown to love and respect so much was preventing me from trusting myself to fly solo. I had mentally strapped one wing to my body, always enjoying the comfort of the group. No one did that to me. I did it through my own thoughts and feelings.

There is a time to just spread your wings and FLY!!!!!!How does a baby bird become independent? How does it learn to fly and go on to build a nest of it’s own to nurture it’s own baby birds? It has to jump!!!! It has to step outside of the comfort of the nest and prove to itself and the world that it has what it takes to survive, thrive and feel alive in its own right.

So, I made the decision this week to take a sabbatical from being a Guide for the MasterKey Experience in order to focus 100% of my energy into strengthening my own wings, growing my own business and creating my own nest to nurture the people who need my gifts. The only way to prove I have what it takes to myself and the world is to fly solo.

Crash and burn-Will I crash and burn, or soar like an eagle?!!! What do you think? You may or may not have an opinion, but I know in my heart it is time to take the last leap of faith once and for all and race with destiny. This is my one moment in time to be all that I can be.

This will be my last MasterKey blog post for now and I shall continue blogging my journey from my business blog page. The journey continues…………..

My one sentence DMP:

“I AM a hugely successful creative teacher and mentor, earning £XXX,XXX annually being authentically me, doing what I love and loving what I do.”

Life doesn’t get much better than that! 😀 😀 😀

To all my MasterKey friends, colleagues and mentors. I LOVE YOU ALL. BELIEVE.