MK Week 18 – Invisible Link

Don’t Worry

Last week I discussed how the Law of Attraction can make things feel as if they happen by magic, when in reality it is not magic, but focused, emotional thought that causes things of similar vibration to come to us. This week Haanel goes deeper on the subject saying,

its not magic‘Thought is the invisible link by which the individual comes into communication with the Universal, the finite with the Infinite, the seen with the Unseen. Thought is the magic by which the human is I am transformed into a being who thinks and knows and feels and acts.’ (Haanel 18:14)

‘Thought is creative and the principle on which the law is based is sound and legitimate and is inherent in the nature of things; but this creative power does not originate in the individual me but in the universal, which is the source and foundation of all energy and substance; the individual is I am simply the channel for the distribution of this energy.’ (Haanel 18:12)

Don’t believe me? Good for you. Haanel also agrees that we should not accept things as truth just because others tell us to. We have to test everything and find out for ourselves.

‘The only belief which is of any value to anyone is a belief that has been put to a test and demonstrated to be a fact; it is then no longer a belief, but has become a living Faith or Truth.’ (Haanel 18:17)
or rocket scienceThe MasterKey Experience does not tell anyone what to think. In fact as Guides we are trained specifically NOT to influence anyone else’s thoughts. This is a journey you must do alone, but with help and support from those who have been through it. Arriving at those ‘aha’ moments for yourself over the 6 month course and beyond is so satisfying and fulfilling. It gives you personal conviction and a self belief of your own that no one can take away. It is so important to be sure of what you think and why you are thinking it. Only then do you have the power to control your own life. Our thoughts are driven more powerfully by what interests us. This improves our powers of concentration and attention. The greater your attention the better.

‘Attention has been held to be the distinguishing mark of genius. The cultivation of attention depends upon practice.’ (Haanel 18:31)

When you attain this distinguishing mark through practice you ‘know that you know that you know’ that every little thing is going to be alright, regardless of what the world might tell you. 🙂