MK Week 20 – Release the Geni

The Aladdin’s Lamp

law-of-attraction-postAnother full on fun packed week! From more video shoots, to inspirational networking, meetings and sharing of ideas. The time has simply flown by and it’s hard to believe it is Saturday again already! This weeks Master Key chapter is about recognising the power within ourselves and I am really beginning to see and feel this in myself as my plans pick up speed towards the Spring launch. One of the verses in Chapter 20 that struck me this week was,

‘When you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within yourself myself — is you me you begin to do things; you being to feel your my power; it is the fuel which fires the imagination; which lights the torch of inspiration; which gives vitality to thought; which enables you me to connect with all the invisible forces of the Universe. It is this power which will enables you me to plan fearlessly, to execute masterfully.’ (Haanel 20:8)

I am feeling the power and it’s effect. As I observe the friends I find myself surrounded by and connections I have made over the last couple of years, I see amazingly talented, positive, inspiring, heart-centred people in every area of my day to day life. I feel uplifted and inspired and the feedback I’m receiving is that I am uplifting and inspiring others too. It is such a wonderful place to be. As you connect with your True Self, and discover your own power, you attract those who are in alignment with you.

lamp‘To become inspired means to get out of the beaten path, out of the rut, because extraordinary results require extraordinary means. When we come into a recognition of the Unity of all things and that the source of all power is within, we tap the source of inspiration.’ (Haanel 20:14)

Your True Self, the Genius within you, is not walking the road of conformity! When you take that leap of faith and break away from social conditioning and follow your own heart, you open up a whole new world, that was there all the time, but previously you could not see. Only today I had a conversation with a wonderful lady who was telling me how years of conforming to the rules and opinions of others had made her feel so miserable and unworthy, and how breaking away to do her own thing has brought so many fantastic new friendships into her life that have helped her to discover her true value. If you feel you’re standing on the edge of your life, scared to trust yourself and fly then I can only encourage you to take sometime to sit in Silence and listen to the whispering of your heart, and you will know what to do. Believe in yourself. You’ll never have a friend like it.