MK Week 3 – This little light

Are you letting yours shine?

When it is cold, dull, windy and rainy out do you find you tend to feel happier or gloomier? How about when it is hot, blue skies, a gentle warm breeze and sunny? It’s not difficult to feel the difference between these two scenes and understand most people feel happier, more optimistic and have more energy when the sun is shining.

‘The Solar Plexus has been likened to the sun of the body, because it is a central point of distribution for the energy which the body is constantly generating. This energy is very real, and this sun is a very real sun, and the energy is being distributed by very real nerves to all parts of the body, and is thrown of in an atmosphere which envelopes the body.’ (Haanel 3:5)

12165664_654571001349555_879538068_nHave you ever stopped and just listened to the chatter of people around you? Did you notice how many love to complain……. about their jobs, their partner, their kids, the weather, the government, their health, etc, etc. And the more they complain the more they seem to have to complain about! It is actually very draining being around people who complain all the time, and can literally feel like they are sucking the energy out of you. Resistant and unpleasant thoughts contract our Solar Plexus, and as vibrational beings living in an attraction based Universe, logic tells us if we focus on the things we do not want we are going to attract more of the things we do not want?

So why do people complain? Often it is just out of habit. As part of the MasterKey Experience we are required to read Og Mandino’s ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ and Scroll 1 tells us how important it is to create good habits and destroy bad habits, as this is the key to success.

‘It is our attitude of mind toward life which determines the experiences with which we are to meet; if we expect nothing, we shall have nothing; if we demand much, we shall receive the greater portion. The world is harsh only as we fail to assert ourselves. The criticism of the world is bitter only to those who cannot compel room for their ideas. It is fear of this criticism that causes many ideas to fail to see the light of day.’ (Haanel 3:17)

12165748_654571028016219_1987414411_nOur Conscious Mind has the power to choose what our Subconscious Mind, our light, our sun centre, focuses on. We can accept any thought and feeling as truth for our lives that we want. You were not born complaining! It is something you have learnt to do, and it has become a habit. Habits can be changed with conscious effort. If you are not getting what you want out of life, then look closely at the things you say every day, the things you allow yourself to think and feel, and then consciously decide to focus your attention on what you do want. Let your light shine!

‘We have found that the subconscious mind is responsive to our conscious will, which means that the unlimited creative power of the Universal Mind is within control of the conscious mind of the individual’ (Haanel 3:27)

My guest blog spot this week goes to someone who is embracing the teachings of the MasterKey and was the first of my team to get his Week 3 blog posted way ahead of the deadline. Gerry’s light is shining and I noticed. Bravo! Follow Gerry’s adventure here —> Gerry