Are Selfie’s damaging our health?

Are Selfie’s damaging our health?

The current craze of posting Selfie’s to Social Media intrigues me.

Even though I can appreciate the fun element, could there be a much deeper, underlying seriousness that is being overlooked.

Is technology damaging our emotional health?

As human’s our ‘inner self’ wants to feel emotional connection with people. Our need for acceptance and approval seems to have reached a new high as more and more of us are being caught up in the ever growing use of technology in our daily lives. Kids use Social Media without a second thought, Facebooking, Messaging, Instagraming, Tweeting plus a multitude of other platforms that I don’t even know the names of. It’ll be interesting to see how many cases of ‘thumb’ repetitive strain injuries there are in a few years time?! 🙁

Have you noticed how many people these days will interrupt a conversation with someone right in front of them to reply to another person ‘in cyberspace?” That all to familiar ping is heard and our attention is immediately pulled away from the people we are with. A text, snap chat or Facebook message consumes our thought processes. The drive to see who it’s from and answer it is so strong in many people that they simply can’t contain themselves. The mental and emotional connection with their present companion is broken as they make polite apologies (or not) and respond to the 24/7 emotional connection thief in their pocket. We are being brainwashed and conditioned by a technology that was meant to expand our minds.


What happens emotionally to both people in this situation?

Your ‘present’ company subconsciously feels unimportant; you instantly become an ‘unsafe’ person for them emotionally because you’re not really interested in them enough to ignore all other distractions. You lose the emotional connection with a ‘real’ person in favour of a person currently in ‘cyberspace.’ You cannot possibly have a heart to heart emotional connection with technology, ultimately leaving you feeling disconnected, emotionally alone and connected to neither person in any meaningful way.

Who cares?

Has posting a ‘Selfie’ become a narcissistic obsession fuelled by a deep need for love, approval, acceptance and connection with someone?……. Anyone? ……. How many ‘Likes’ did your photo received? 20? 5?…. At least one……Phew!!! Someone somewhere likes me!! …. None……OMG!!!…Maybe no one likes me?! Maybe no one really cares about me?!

Subconsciously the word ‘Maybe’ gets dropped from our thinking and we’re left with the thought and feeling ‘no one likes me….no one really cares about me…’ What should I do? Post another happier, more glamorous, more provocative, funnier Selfie. ‘Look at me…aren’t I fun…I’ve got loads of mates…Look at all these people I’m having fun with….’

Is the drive to post more Selfie’s fuelled by an inner emotional need for connection and acceptance? In ‘Conversations with God’ Neale Donald Walsch talks about emotional loneliness being the biggest problem on our planet today, and I would have to agree with this statement on so many levels. Technology is a fantastic tool, just as many other inventions over the centuries have been, yet used without due care, could fast create an emotionally barren, loveless world. The results of our collective consciousness of fear and lack are being played out on the world stage daily in the form of hurricanes, wars, hunger, financial turmoil and addiction.

Is it time you took a different type of Selfie daily? 



100% Emotional Connection is changing lives.

Have you taken a few minutes to sit in Silence today, and connected with your Spiritual Body which keeps you alive?

Have you exercised today, and taken care to keep your physical body fit and healthy?

Have you laughed today, and released feel good hormones and reduced anxiety and stress?

Have you paid attention to your feelings today? Your own ‘Internal Guidance System’ that clearly shows you which step to take next.

Have you spent time in your ‘Spiritual Workshop’ and Imagined yourself living the life you desire today? We live in an attraction based Universe.

Have you eaten healthily today and taken care of the wonderful living, ever renewing physical body that you live in?

This weekend I ran one of my creative workshops on the subject of Selfie’s and the fact that most of us are wearing emotional masks, hiding from the world how we truly feel. As a visual trigger to help remember the teaching, we made beautiful venetian masks using some craft and some recycled materials. It was a lot of fun and the emotional connection was 100%. A fabulous day was had by all.

If you live in the Shropshire area and would like to join us for a Creative Taster Workshop to find out more about how creativity and personal development can help you then please get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. 🙂