Week 17a Curiouser and Curiouser

Smile to yourself and just know

diamondAbout 10 days or so ago after a conversation with my wonderful sister, I expressed that it was like trying to find needles in a haystack with regarding who my target market were. There are so many people I feel would benefit from taking some time out to relax, do something creative, and reflect on their true potential in life, but should I focus on a select group or everyone and anyone? I was not consciously aware of the momentum of my feelings until it came out of my mouth and my sister picked it up. After giving it some thought I decided I was no longer going to look for needles, but rather see myself as a shining bright diamond so the people who needed my services would be able to ‘find me‘.

drivingI mentioned last week about the lady who contacted me with regards to tutoring for an online homeschooling site. After several emails back and forth it seemed a good time to meet up for a chat, and so on last Saturday I drove the 2 hour journey to her home to discuss exactly what she was looking for. What she wanted was slightly different from the style of teaching I have done but her idea made me feel really excited and I said I would give the project some thought.

“The Universal cannot express through you as long as you are busy with your plans, your own purposes; quiet the senses, seek inspiration, focus the mental activity on the within, dwell in the consciousness of your unity with Omnipotence. “Still water runs deep;” contemplate the multitudinous opportunities to which you have spiritual access by the Omnipresence of power” (Haanel 4:22)

film-5On Sunday morning I woke, in that half awake half dream state that we all experience sometimes, when all is silent and still, and BAM! The concept of what I needed to do to fulfil this particular tutoring opportunity was playing in my mind like a cine film. The characters, the themes and the story outline was as clear as crystal. I just had to jump out of bed and write it all down before I forgot it. Now I have the bones I can flesh it out from my knowledge and experience. After all, ‘Knowledge does not apply itself’ (Haanel 15:36)

Have you ever experienced that ‘knowing’ feeling? Clarity when something just felt right? So why is it that the very next day you suddenly doubt yourself? I was so sure! Why am I doubting?

“….If you wish to change conditions you must change yourself. Your whims, your wishes, your fancies, your ambitions may be thwarted at every step, but your inmost thoughts will find expression just as certainly as the plant springs from the seed.” (Haanel 9:Intro)

we_can_do_itIt was time I gave myself a strict talking to. ‘Oh no you don’t young lady!!!’….ok, maybe not so much of the young… 🙂 ….but…. “I can be what I will to be!” That’s just the old blueprint trying to scupper everything and drag you back to the land of quiet desperation!! Over the next few weeks on the Masterkey journey we are focusing on a different virtue each week and noticing how often we see it displayed in others, and ourselves. I just happen to have chosen ‘Decisiveness’ as my virtue for this week and so I decided to ignore my old blueprint and carry on. (Hey, that would make a great slogan for an MKMMA mug!!! “Ignore Old BluePrint and CARRY ON” lol)

Last night I received a message on Facebook from a wonderful lady that I have only actually met a couple of times, asking for help over the weekend with a stand she is doing at a Positivity Exhibition. As I had only met her twice I wasn’t sure if she meant to copy me into what was a group message, but when the other recipient said she was unavailable to help I decided to check, and the answer was yes, she had meant to include me. diary-inside-copy‘Why me?’ I wondered. ‘We’ve only met a couple of times and that was ages ago!’ Anyway, I checked my diary, and would you believe it…..blank…..nada….not doing anything!! 🙁  I had another decision to make! Play at being Billy No-mates or offer to help. Needless to say, I decided to volunteer my services. It turns out the exhibition is being sponsored by Psychologies Magazine. Nothing particularly strange there you might think, until I remembered one of the ladies who came on my 7 week trial creativity course saying I should think about advertising in Psychologies Magazine because she thought that is where people like herself would look for the type of course I had to offer. She knew the Law of Attraction had created the circumstances under which we met and she had really benefited from my course.

“The trained mind knows that every transaction must benefit every person who is in any way connected with the transaction, and any attempt to profit by the weakness, ignorance or necessity of another will inevitably operate to his disadvantage.” (Haanel 4:6)

And so the journey continues…..Curiouser and curiouser! Some might call it spooky, some call its coincidence, some might call it fate or even just good luck!!!

I like to call it Divine Timing and Law of Attraction!

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