Week 22 Into the Silence

 Good Vibrations

cellIt only seems five minutes since I was here last year, preparing to switch off all communication, technology and distractions and spend an extended period of time in quiet contemplation. Haanel tell us ‘Every cell in your body is intelligent and will respond to your direction. The cells are all creators and will create the exact pattern which you give them.’ (Haanel 22:15) 

Everything we eat, drink, think and feel is either building up harmonious conditions in us and our environment, or inharmonious conditions. Everything is vibration and ‘The way to health is founded on the law of vibration, which is the basis of all science, and this law is brought into operation by the mind, the “world within.” It is a matter of individual effort and practice. Our world of power is within; if we are wise we shall not waste time and effort in trying to deal with effects as we find them in the “world without,” which is only an external, a reflection.’ (Haanel 22:13)

magnifying-glassThe more I have learnt over the past couple of years I the more I realise how truly wonderful and marvellous human beings and this world really are. It’s not that I didn’t think good things before, or want to help others, but what I realise now is that I reacted to life rather than deliberately created my life. Consequently I got lots of good things and I also lots of not so good things, and like most people I just took it for granted that this was normal life! Now I understand that this is creating by default, that my thoughts were scattered, like a moving magnifying glass, always searching but never really focusing.

magnifying glass stillA magnifying glass is only useful when we keep it still, and the mind is sort of similar in that respect. If we flit from one thing to another we get glimpses of everything but see the deeper meaning of nothing. Would you buy an electric hairdryer and not plug it in? Of course not, that would be rather pointless. Yet we can plug it in and it still won’t work. Why….because we need to actually flick the plug switch and turn on the power supply. It is a deliberate act to open the vibrational energy stream so we can gain the most benefit from our hairdryer.

Spending 15-20 minutes daily in silence is calming, revitalising and focusing. Going into the ‘Silence’ for an extended period of time is like giving your mind a super boost. ‘It is through the law of vibration that the mind exercises this control over the body. We know that every mental action is a vibration, and we know that all form is simply a mode of motion, a rate of vibration. Therefore, any given vibration immediately modifies every atom in the body, every cell is affected and an entire chemical change is made in every group of life cells.’ (Haanel 22:5) 

So this is Sandra, signing off until Sunday afternoon. It’s time to raise those vibrations and switch on the power supply. 🙂 Toodles!

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