Week 23 Eye of the Tiger!

Roooaaaarrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! lion_roar.jpg

Well my intrepid adventurers our MKMMA journey is almost over. Only a couple more weeks to go before we sail away and continue our lives with our newfound knowledge, strength and self belief. I was considering what I wanted to convey to you in this weeks post and as I was thinking it occurred to me……..I should write about thinking!!!!!

Is your mind full of turbulence….got to’s….should do’s….must be’s…..why not’s…..may be’s?   Are your dreams swamped by waves of self doubt, self pity? No matter how hard you try to think of what you want your life to be like do you feel like a ship tossed at sea?

“…if your mind is like a turbulent ocean, you could throw the Empire State Building into it and you wouldn’t notice a thing.” (Deepak Chopra)

Now, “Imagine throwing a little stone into a still pond and watching it ripple. That’s what you do when you go into silence and introduce your intention. Even the faintest intention ripples across the field of universal consciousness that connects your desire with everything else.” (Deekpa Chopra) 

“The average person is entirely innocent of any deep thinking; he accepts the ideas of others, and repeats them, in very much the same way as a parrot; this is readily seen when we understand the method which is used to form public opinion, and the docile attitude on the part of a large majority who seem perfectly willing to let a few persons do all their thinking for them is what enables a few men in a great many countries to usurp all the avenues of power and hold millions in subjection. Creative thinking requires attention.” (Haanel 23:9) 

hammer-and-nailOver the last six months I have come to understand the way my brain works and the importance of Silence and thinking about my goals and dreams. Haanel tells us that giving our attention to what we really want takes concentration and will power. As a hammer would be the most appropriate tool to use if I wanted to knock a nail in the wall, so Concentration and Will Power are the tools we need to create habits. Habits create new neural pathways and thoughts. We have probably all tried at some time to make changes in our life, and found ourselves drift back to old habits with a feeling of frustration. We end up saying things like, “I can’t help it, that’s just the way I am.” etc. But the Master Keys has taught me that that is not true; it is only a conditioning of life that we have adopted as true.

woman-funny-faceSome people are very visual learners, some are more auditory and others kinaesthetic. Through a series of exercises designed to bring out each learning style Mark J and his team have taught us how to create the new neural pathways necessary to be able to concentrate our thoughts effectively. Don’t worry, there is no magic, mumbo jumbo or brain washing techniques involved lol. As I have begun to establish new thoughts and habits my life has started to change. I have started to change and the world around me has started to change.

“Each day, when I awake, I follow this plan of battle before I am captured by the forces of sadness, self-pity and failure-

321_Eye_Of_The_TigerIf I feel depressed, I sing. If I feel sad, I laugh. If I feel ill, I double my labour. If I feel fear, I plunge ahead. If I feel inferior, I wear new garments. If I feel uncertain, I raise my voice. If I feel poverty, I think of wealth to come. If I feel incompetent, I remember past success. If I feel insignificant, I remember my goals. Today I am master of my emotions.”

By focusing your Thoughts and Emotions on your desires, you can create the life you want!