Week C 1 & 2 Life is growth

Growth is Change

20130407_105248This week I have combined my blog post for Continuation Weeks 1 and 2 because I took a mini break last week and went to London to both visit my two older children and celebrate my youngest daughter officially becoming an adult in the eyes of the law. It only feels like yesterday that she was born, and now she is 18! Quite coincidently this weeks Lost Chapter from Charles Haanel’s Masterkey is about age and how we view ourselves and others according to the number of times we have witnessed a complete revolution of the earth round the sun. We assume all sorts of things about people based on false premises that society has taken on itself over time.

20130407_105443‘Is this parallel correct? Is there any connection between age and age value? Let it be emphatically stated that the tyranny of the birth certificate can be abolished.’ (Haanel 25:51)

‘To be so many years old means simply that the circling seasons have been observed so many times, and nothing more. It implies no consideration of the intellectual or physical state. The person who has seen the untiring astronomical phenomenon forty times may be much younger in the real meaning of the word than one who has seen it but thirty times.’ (Haanel 25:53)

becca - Version 2On Monday my daughter was unable to vote, marry without my consent, buy a house, drink alcohol plus a host of other things. On Tuesday she is able to do what ever she wants! No one else’s opinion or consent is required, only her own. It is now up to her to think for herself and act accordingly. In the eyes of the law my role as a parent is null and void. So what was my role?

‘The universe is alive. In order to express life there must be mind; nothing can exist without mind. Everything that exists is some manifestation of this one basic substance from which and by which all things have been created and are continually being recreated. It is man’s capacity to think that makes him a creator instead of a creature.’ (Haanel 25:2)

20130407_105513I believe the role of parents is to guide and help our children to think for themselves, to develop a healthy view of self, respect themselves and others, to listen to their heart and follow their dreams. When we are following our dreams we feel alive. Time feels irrelevant; It can stand still or fly by. We feel happiest when we are in pursuit of the things that make our heart sing, our bliss. If my children are capable of moving out into the adult world with a strong conviction of who they are, with their hearts centred in love, and the confidence to follow their bliss then my role has been fulfilled.

20130826_171909‘And life means to live. Age is a prejudice, which has become so firmly anchored in your mind that any causal number of years mentioned evokes a precise image on your brain.’ (Haanel 25:42)

As we move forward I assume the role of friend and confidante to my now three adult children as they make their own decisions about the life they want. Being a parent is and has been the greatest blessing. I am so thankful for the young lives that were entrusted to me to nurture through childhood, and I proudly stand back with my heart full of love as I watch them soar on eagles wings to be the people they were born to be. ‘Life is growth and growth is change.’ 

What a wonderful surprise treat it was to see the fabulous stage version of ‘The Lion King’ this weekend. Thank you. I love you all.

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