Week C18 – Mental Sunshine

Attitude of Gratitude

mr happyA couple of days ago I started reading a free public domain book entitled ‘The Great Within’ by Christian D. Larson, which discusses the Conscious and Subconscious Minds. Two of the words Larson uses is ‘Mental Sunshine’ which I thought was such a lovely turn of phrase.

“To remove fear and worry, impress the subconscious, as frequently as possible, with the deep feeling of faith, gratitude and mental sunshine.” (Larson)

Before doing the MasterKey Experience in 2013 I hadn’t really payed much attention to the importance of gratitude or meditation. If I’m honest I didn’t really understand meditation, and even thought it was a bit ‘beardy weirdy’ as a lovely friend of mine would say! 🙂

hagridBut one of the activities from day one was to sit completely still in silence every day for 15 minutes, and I really struggled with this at first. As soon as I tried to start my ‘Sit’ my hair tickled my face, my big toe itched, my mind suddenly remembered 101 other things I needed to be doing ‘right now’ etc! After 25+ years as a mum, working and running a home, sitting down was one of the last things I ever did, let alone sitting completely still in silence! My mind and body were just not used to it, and I could physically feel the resistance from head to toe.

Today, spending time in quiet meditation either in complete silence or sometimes listening to a guided meditation with soft flowing music in the background, is one of the most peaceful and calming things in my life, and as soon as I begin to feel angst and frustration I realise quickly that I have missed my ‘Sit’ for a few days. The phrase ‘mental sunshine’ also fitted beautifully with the Deepak Chopra 21 Day Gratitude Meditation series I have also been following which has brought a deeper sense of tranquility and calmness within my heart and mind.

gratitude-happiness-2Gratitude is mental sunshine. When you are thankful and appreciative you cannot be angry, fearful or negative. When you really think about it, everything and everyone is a cause for gratitude. Positive people and things bring joy and happiness and negative people and things are like mirrors, reflecting back to us things we need to address in ourselves which help us become better people, which is a good thing. Maintaining a positive mental attitude (PMA) takes effort at first because we are conditioned from very young to focus on the negative. If not directly through family and friends, then indirectly through television, advertising and social media. It is like a deadly mental intravenous drip, and by the time we are adults many have become so oblivious to it that people who are super positive seem odd. But that is and should be our natural state. Do you have an attitude of gratitude?

If it is time to bring some mental sunshine back into your life then take a look at what the MasterKey Experience can do for you. I did, and I have NEVER looked back. The next class begins end of September 2015.

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