Week C4 Are you in the mood?

Who knew!!

What kind of mood you are in? Are you feeling super excited and happy, or ok I can’t complain really or are you feeling more like life sucks and a bit miserable? What causes us to feel in different moods and why do we feel emotions anyway? Have you ever stopped to really think about the things you do subconsciously that could be affecting your mood and your day?

identify feelingsOur feelings are very important. They indicate when we are following the right path for our best future or not. Being in alignment with your deepest desires always makes you feel good, things flow and life feels easier, but if you are not feeling good, then asking yourself why would be a good place to start. What thought did you have that caused you to slip from feeling happy, enthusiastic and peaceful to feeling apathy, fed up or sad? Our feelings are powerful indicators which can guide us back to the right path if we pay attention to them.

This week I have been preparing a workshop presentation as part of a joint venture I am doing with a friend, and the ideas and thoughts that have been flowing to me have been about the importance of noticing how we feel, and what to do about it if we are not feeling how we want to feel. We all have a vibrational frequency and researching has led me to more evidence to support the idea that music and sound play a vital role in our lives. Often we don’t stop to make a conscious decision about what to listen to and just turn on the radio, often when we are driving, and unconsciously absorb what ever is being broadcast. We have no control over the type of music, the adverts, the news bulletins or the conversational talk that comes at us unless we consciously decide to turn the radio off.

Have you ever set out on a car journey feeling happy and upbeat, only to arrive at your destination feeling a bit down or upset? What happened? Do you put it down to inconsiderate drivers on the road, traffic jams and having frustratingly met every Red traffic light on route which delayed you even further. Finally arriving at your destination you feel angry, fed up and frustrated! Could the musical frequency or vibration that was coming at your subconscious have lowered your vibration, thereby attracting things of a lower frequency to you?! Really? Is it all stuff and nonsense or could it be fact and reality?

‘Whatever enters the mind through the senses or the objective mind will impress the mind and result in a mental image which will become a pattern for the creative energies. These experiences are largely the result of environment, chance, past thinking and other forms of negative thought, and must be subjected to careful analysis before being entertained. On the other hand, we can form our own mental images, through our own interior processes of thought regardless of the thoughts of others, regardless of exterior conditions, regardless of environment of every kind, and it is by the exercise of this power that we can control our own destiny, body, mind and soul.’ (Haanel 16:15)

Sometimes music can feel upbeat, but when you listen carefully to the lyrics they are actually quite negative. Clever composition and rhythmic beats can have you unwittingly singing the words or humming the tune from your subconscious when you least expect it, making sure you hold on to the low frequency vibration throughout your day. Next time you want to listen to music, think what mood you ‘want‘ to feel and choose a set of tracks or a CD deliberately to match your desire rather than blindly listening to what ever is thrown at you and see what happens.

One of my favourite musical styles is swing. Hope this puts a spring in your step! 🙂

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