How to be 50 something and feel happy

It’s never too late to be happy. You are amazing!

Change the way you look at things and feel happyHow happy are you? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why you do the things you do, and whether those things are making you feel good, and truly happy? For many years it never really occurred to me that my thoughts and feelings were the cause of anything in my life. I always believed these were an after effect.

Something crappy happens in life and you look around at everyone else and blame them for being selfish, or just not being considerate of your feelings. Someone stands on your toe and you glare at them for not looking where they are going, etc, etc. You get the drift!!! It can be hard to change your mind set and believe that you could be the cause of any of it. Surely not….you were a victim and unfairly treated! Right?

We all reach crossroads in life when we feel a need to discover what it truly important to us, and when you open your mind to the teachings of those who have walked the path before you over the centuries, it can come as a shock to hear you are the creator of your own experience. If we stick our finger in a live socket and electrocute ourselves we only have ourselves to blame! So why should our lives be any different?

Are you happy?We live in a ‘blame’ culture, with ads everywhere offering to help us claim legal compensation for the pain others have caused us. It is sad how easily we as a society are quick to point the finger at someone else rather than ourselves. But the only way to truly free yourself is to point that finger back at yourself.

As human beings we are naturally creative, and our mind and body responds naturally when we allow ourselves time to reconnect with our creative imagination. What does making a Peacock or a Multimedia Canvas and negative thoughts have in common?  You’ll be surprised how good you will feel; I see it happen every time. People arrive feeling anxious, fretful, stressed and lacking self belief and leave feeling overjoyed, confident and happy. You can do it too. No previous experience is necessary to be creative because it is innate and naturally within you. It just needs reigniting.

HappyThe Gifted Life Self Discovery Course allows you time to relax and unravel the tangled web of negative misconceptions you may hold about yourself, and open your mind to see new ideas. You are amazing, and when you believe in your Self again you can change your life. Are you ready to have fun as you take back the controls of your own life? Register below for information about the next course.

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