What’s the point?

Going round in Circles? ‘What’s the point?’

What's the Point?There are times in life when most of us ask ourselves the question, ‘What’s the point?’ We find ourselves going around in circles, or maybe we are struggling to do something, understand a concept or are finding ourselves being dragged down a particular path that is not satisfying or meaningful. We all experience those gut feelings of disillusion, fatigue or frustration sometimes. So what can you do? How do you help yourself out of the downward spiral of apathy, loneliness and struggle?

Negative feelings are not something to be scared of, but rather something to be grateful. Direct communication with our ‘inner being’ our ‘spirit’ or ‘inner child’ is letting us know that we need to course correct. That the path we are currently on is not leading in the right direction for our benefit. Feelings are our internal SatNav. We can choose to listen and make a different choice or ignore them and continue to battle against the natural flow of things. The wonderful thing about human life is we have the privilege choice!

I read an interesting article this week on the importance of music in education. (Click here if you are interested to read it.) Studies are proving that children who learn to play music from a young age statistically get higher grades in academic subjects and are happier, more rounded human beings. Derrrr!!! The words of the song ‘Life is a circle without a beginning and nobody knows where it really ends’ seems a good way to sum things up. People talk about the ‘good old days’ and how things used to be better. Younger generations change things and eventually everything levels out and we come full circle, believing we’ve just discovered a revolutionary way of thinking. LOL 🙂

Pauline&Lesley (1)Creativity and music are what drive my soul and always have done. Making creative art, playing and teaching music are my passions and the Gifted Life Self Discovery Course is the culmination of my passion and teaching experience. Seeing the lights go on in someone else’s eyes as they reconnect with their ‘inner child’ or ‘imagination’ and realise they are creative, they enjoy being creative, and love learning in fun, engaging ways that help them move forward in their own life, is AMAZING!!!! I love it!

The phenomenal growth in technology over the last 30 years has made it possible for all of us to connect and reach out to people all over the world, share knowledge, skills and passions. To connect with likeminded people and make new friends in ways that once was considered impossible. Do you remember having a ‘pen pal?’ I had several and I so enjoyed getting letters through the post. I didn’t understand the psychology behind it then, but looking back, it was the excitement of connecting with someone from another country, learning about their way of life and feeling that warmth in my heart that someone from a place I knew nothing about had taken the time and effort to think about me and write to me!

The Gifted Life Creative Self Discovery Course helps open the door to your own creative spirit again. Connect with likeminded people through our Facebook Group and make new friends and share. If you want to get involved then look out for information about the online course which is going ‘Evergreen’ very shortly. So you can get involved anytime, anywhere. You’ll have the option to schedule 1:1 calls with me and also set up personal mentoring sessions too if necessary. So exciting! 🙂

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