Are you addicted to Procrastination?

Is procrastination stopping you achieving your dreams?

Could you be addicted to it?

Do you really want to change career, start your own business, make new friends, move house, declutter and redecorate or find romance……….. but its just not happening?

Can you talk the talk with ease but when it comes to the walking the walk bit your knees turn to jelly and cleaning the toilet suddenly feels oh so important?

Babies and young children are adventurous, impulsive and imaginative, so why by the time we are adults have many of us lost self confidence and self belief when it comes to making changes in our life?

A number of reasons spring to mind but the biggest is fear of the unknown closely followed by lack of self belief and self confidence. Many adults lack the courage and confidence they once had as a child to try new things. We learn from a young age to be wary of getting things wrong and stepping into unfamiliar territory. We’re taught not to talk to strangers, big girls and boys don’t cry and we get punished if we disobey other people’s rules. Basically we learn to conform to the rules in school, at home and at work. When you throw into the mix the number of actual life experiences that can knock a child’s confidence such as death or divorce of parents, abuse, neglect, bullying and other losses is it any wonder that many adults find themselves stuck. Fear combined with unresolved painful emotions play a huge part in our adult psyche.

What can you do to help yourself move forward?

From my experience of working with clients from all different backgrounds and life circumstances, the underlying problem of procrastination and lack of confidence are largely due to unresolved grief, leading to deep seated feelings of unworthiness and fear. We fill our lives with busyness but eventually grief surfaces in ways that cannot be ignored.

We perceive others achieving success and wonder why we are not experiencing the same. “What is wrong with me? Its not fair, nothing ever works out for me!”

Repeated thought patterns and emotions create chemical peptide addictions in our brain which we subconsciously seek to satisfy. Like an emotional hamster wheel, we go round and round the loop going nowhere and achieving nothing. You have to do something different in order to break the habitual thought patterns and beliefs you have accepted as truth for yourself. This takes effort and a willingness to step out of our comfort zone. 


Stepping out of your comfort zone can be fun!

Reconnecting with your ‘Inner child’ changes your neural pathways by reigniting the creative spirit within you that was adventurous, spontaneous and imaginative. Remember when you enjoyed playing, experimenting and trying new things? As your Conscious Mind is absorbed in simple, fun creative art it quietens your brain, allowing you to hear the whisperings of your heart. Your brain begins to rewire as your thoughts and feelings change to focus on satisfaction and enjoyment. Creating beautiful craft projects from rubbish also boosts self confidence. I’ve lost count of the number of clients who start a workshop thinking “I can’t do that,” and leave feeling wonderful and saying “I’m so proud of myself. I really love that.”


Are you ready to step into a world of imagination?

About three years ago a lady came to help me, along with a few others, to trial my first Creative Self Discovery Course. It was obvious from the outset that this was going to be a mutually beneficial arrangement. She needed to take time out from her daily life to refocus following an extremely traumatic experience. I needed someone to help me test out my course material before launching it in the wider community. She didn’t believe herself to be particularly creative, but she was willing to give it a go. 

She painted, glued, stitched and creatively thought her way through the next seven weeks and received far more than she ever expected. Her creative projects were fabulous, but more importantly it gave her an oasis of time each week to stop, reflect and refocus her mind. She made some huge observations about herself and as a result made some life changing decisions. She changed direction in her business and became a Grief Recovery Method Specialist. I became one of her first clients and realised the value in the program and the powerful decision she had made. 

Approximately 18 months later this lady went on to train as a Grief Recovery Method Trainer, and is now the number two trainer in the UK! I subsequently trained as a Grief Recovery Method Specialist as one of her students! That lady is Phyl Edmonds. Our paths have continued to cross over the last few years and I regard her as not only one of my own course’s greatest success stories, but also a great personal friend and mentor. 

Taking time out to reconnect with your ‘Inner child’ can literally change the course of your life. The self confidence gained overcomes procrastination and the personal development element opens your mind to a whole new world of adventure and potential.

How can I join the Creative Self Discovery Course?

The Creative Self Discovery Course runs a maximum of three times a year. Places are limited to six so you receive individual attention and also receive the benefit of connecting with others in a small group. This is just one of the recommended ‘5 Ways to Well Being’ recommended by mental health professionals that are incorporated into the course.

The live courses run in Telford, Shropshire from 10.00am – 4.00pm on a weekly basis for seven consecutive weeks where possible, and the next one starts Saturday 8th September. If you are stuck, lacking the confidence and self belief to make the changes necessary to alter the course of your future, then the Creative Self Discovery Course can help you.

Please email Sandra at to book your place or arrange a no obligation chat to ensure it is right for you. Booking is essential and will be accepted on a first come first serve basis. To read more information please click the following link Creative Self Discovery Course.

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