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MKMMA Continuation …..

cold turkey.jpgLast Sunday was the final webinar for the six month MKMMA (Master Key Mastermind Alliance). It was both emotional and up lifting. So many course members have made tremendous progress and are seeing their lives change dramatically for the better, myself included. As a follow on, and by popular demand,  Mark J has offered everyone the chance to continue with the MKMMA on a four month extension with monthly webcasts instead of weekly. No cold turkeys here! 🙂

These last six months have been fantastic. Helping me to reassess who I am, what makes me tick and where my heart is. I have come to understand a great many things about myself and where I want to go in the future. Taking 16 years experience as a woodwind instrumental tutor, my love of craft and a desire to help others into account I found myself being drawn towards creating a series of workshops to reconnect adults with their creative imagination. It is my feeling that many people would love to change their life but they can’t even get off the starting blocks because they’ve lost touch with their imagination. With technology on hand to solve and facilitate so much in our lives, we have lost the art of hands on creative play and consequently our ability to use our imaginations properly.

obpunknownBut then……predictably……the head chatter started…… how could I do it? Would anyone be interested? What about this? What about that? The list was getting longer!!!! OMG, what a ridiculous idea Sandra!….Ut-oh….wait a minute… I know where those thoughts were coming from!!! My Old Blueprint!!  Wasn’t the whole point of the Master Key Course to create new neural pathways and get rid of the habit of conforming to a life that no longer satisfied me?….So now I had a CHOICE…. What did I do?… I DECIDED and I took ACTION. I handed in a letter of resignation and so began the Hero’s journey, stepping into the Unknown……arrgghhhh!!!!

Why do we fear the Unknown? What holds us back from doing the things we really want to do but don’t? Is there really anything to be afraid of?……. Well… I could have sat and thought about how I was going to pay the bills, who would be interested in my workshops anyway and was I even confident enough to start something new!…….. But instead……. I thought……… WOW!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!   This is MY chance to make MY life what I want it to be and help others too!!!         So I decided to trust the process, I trusted in Mark J and I really trusted in my Self probably for the first time in my life.

beautiful-rose-pictures-flower_104678Have I had any doubts at all? Yes of course, (I’m still human believe it or not  🙂  ) but not sufficient to stop me………….and life has responded just as I was assured it would.  The things I needed to learn and the people I needed to meet to help me find the key to the next door appeared one at a time, each leading from one thing to the next, unfolding just like a rose. In fact near the beginning of the Master Keys I bought a little potted rose bush that was on the reduced counter at the supermarket, and after getting it home it slowly started to wither and looked like compost fodder. I put it on my kitchen window sill, clipped off all the dead leaves over the following few weeks, and gradually, gradually it began to regain its strength. It started out only a few inches big, but with love and care, and pruning anything that was draining it of life, it has grown into a big, healthy, beautiful rose bush which now has two full bloom roses and two more buds just beginning to open.

20131106_230637I have been ‘sitting’ for 15 minutes every day, reading my DMP and several other things as instructed, plus Haanel’s Master Key, Og Mandino’s book ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ and a few other books and audio CD’s of my own to enhance my learning, and my life has started to change. My first SMART goal is about to reach fulfilment as I take my family to Hawaii in a few weeks time. Believing I could never afford family holidays when my children were young, this goal was particularly important to me. I say ‘believing’ because that is what it was, just a belief. What the Master Keys has taught me is that a thought does not necessarily have to be true, but it becomes true for you if you believe it, and I did. My second SMART goal will be the fruition of my new workshops which are in my diary to start on 24th May!

I believe SMART goals three and four will happen in due course as I continue to follow my heart, and possibilities are already starting to appear vaguely on the horizon. Like planting a seed, I shall wait and see what this next year unfolds and keep following my compass instead of the clock. I came across this very interesting video yesterday that expresses the concept behind my workshops beautifully. I hope you enjoy it and I hope you will take the time to search your heart and start to create the life you really want, and not conform to the life everybody else thinks you should have. It’s an awesome journey and once started there’s no going back.

Ok, I couldn’t finish my post without the obligatory music video now could I 🙂 xxx

 Live Laugh Love ….. cos life is just a bowl of cherries