C2 It all makes sense now!

But how did I get here?

howdiigethere.jpgHave you ever experienced driving to a familiar destination and on arriving not remembering how you got there? You know you must have driven past this point or that point because you could not have arrived at your destination if you hadn’t, but for the life of you you can not recall actually seeing the well known landmarks on your journey! Why does this happen? How can we drive so accurately and find our destination effortlessly without consciously being aware of half the journey? Bizarre!

When we attempt something for the first time we have to pay careful attention to every detail, and learning to drive is a classic example of a skill where we need to focus all our conscious attention on what we are doing. After a while we are able to perform the necessary tasks a little easier, and eventually it becomes ingrained and we drive with ease, unconsciously checking our rear view mirror, observing hazards and changing gears as required, and are even able to hold a conversation with a passenger and listen to the radio, all at the same time!

hurray.jpgSo why the little illustration?…..Having decided to continue with the MKMMA, and before we study the ‘Lost Chapters’, this month we are re-reading Haanel’s Master Key one chapter a day, and even though this is only my second complete reading through the whole book it’s amazing how everything is making so much sense now. Six months ago I thought I had a pretty reasonable understanding of the English language, but scarily found I needed a dictionary constantly to make sense of what I was reading. NOW I’m able to read it with greater fluency as stopping to decipher things every few minutes is no longer necessary. So my mind has moved the information to a deeper level and less effort is required to grasp it. Which proves that new neural pathways have already been created in my brain, allowing ease and flow. All that was required on my part was initial concentrated effort, persistence and determination, just like learning to drive.

The impact of the last six months on my thinking, my attitude and my self belief has been huge. When I joined Network Marketing a couple of years ago someone asked me what I really wanted from my life, and I was shocked to realise that I could not answer the question. It was not a matter of being coy or not wanting to appear greedy or boastful or anything like that. I simply could not answer the question, period!……OMG!!!!……I was half way through my life and I had absolutely NO idea where I was going or what I wanted!!

treasuremapI could clearly see the logic and potential in the network marketing business model and I was very keen to build another income stream to help my future financial security, but I just found myself floundering. Why was something so seemingly straightforward proving to be so challenging and difficult?

On the plus side, I am not one to be easily deterred once I have made a decision, so I went in pursuit of the things I thought would help me. I attended various company trainings, but somehow I still felt something was missing. 🙁 Like a dog with a bone now, I decided to try another source to find what it was that was missing. It was like trying to find hidden treasure when you don’t know what the treasure looks like!……..How do you know when you’ve found it?…… A timely newsletter pointed me in the direction of Mark Januszewski, which eventually lead me to the Master Key Mastermind Alliance. It was through this experience that I came to understand myself, and what it was that I really wanted from my life. I can say this with hand on heart, not to big up Mark J (he hasn’t given me a fiver to say this lol 😀 ) but because it is true for me personally. I needed help and the MKMMA shone the light on my path. It’s as simple as that.

ant2I came to realise that like so many women of a certain age, I had spent the last 20 years or so being a wife and mother, and everything I had ever dreamed of had slowly and insidiously been buried under piles and piles of cement! I do not mean to demean my role as a wife and mother, but to highlight that first and foremost I am a human being, a woman, a creative person in my own right, and the dreams I had as a young girl now seemed so far away that it was like trying to spot an ant on the ground from an aeroplane 10,000 ft in the air. You know the ant is down there, but you haven’t a hope in hell of seeing it!

magnifying-glassSo for 18 months I found myself circling through the storm, gradually coming down in altitude until I could land, and get on the ground. It has been through the MKMMA experience that I found my ‘magnifying glass’ and looked closely at ‘the person I was born to be.’ Being a mother is a truly wonderful experience, but it is not the ONLY experience. I was born with gifts to share, and this is what was missing from my mental and emotional puzzle. I had lost sight of them and in the process lost sight of myself.

Now that I have figured this out, I am able to start building. I KNOW who I am, I KNOW what I want and I KNOW how to get there! The cement has gone (almost 😉 ) and I feel FREE to be me.