C14 The Attractor Factor

Do you believe your thoughts are powerful?

If you are anything like me, (or at least anything like I used to be), you have probably heard people say stuff like, ‘cheer up’, ‘stay positive’, ‘pull yourself together’ etc etc…Yeah, yeah, great! But when you feel the world is against you it is very hard to stay positive…..at least that is what I used to think. I am either feeling in a good mood or I am not. There isn’t much you can do about it, right????…….. Wrong!!!!!

Actually there is a LOT you can do about the way you feel because the way you feel is controlled by the thoughts you allow yourself to focus on. You can’t stop all sorts of weird and wonderful thoughts entering your head sometimes, but you can control which thoughts you choose to focus on. You can let negative thoughts float out just as easily as they floated in.

fedup.jpgOk, how?…… When you’re having a bad hair day, your husband’s got the hump because his football team lost, the kids are playing up, some idiot cut you up on the motorway this morning, you have a pile of ironing to do and your friend has just cancelled your meeting because she doesn’t want to miss Eastenders! What!!! ………. “Life is crap and then…….??? ” …….. OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do you recover from this sort of mental attitude?

Like a lot of people, a few of years ago I reached a point in life where I knew I needed to do something constructive to get myself out of a spiralling roller coaster of self pity. I am not naturally a miserable person and so this gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach hurt. I began to question the purpose of my life and whether or not I could expect anything more. Anyway, long story short is, I eventually found myself starting the Master Key Mastermind Alliance course. It was here that I began to understand the science and theory behind how the mind works, and how the sub-conscious mind makes all the decisions based on previously stored information. In other words, when we are faced with a decision we may ‘think’ we are making a conscious choice, but really our sub-conscious has made the decision 7 seconds before our conscious mind is even aware of it. Yikes!

yogi.jpgNow, like many people, I thought I was smarter than the average bear!…. Nope!… Turns out my ‘subby’ has been leading me down the path of least resistance all along. So to break the old patterns, or ‘Blueprint’, of reactive thinking and behaviour I had to do some work. And it was work! Hard work! You can’t throw a pile of bricks on the ground and expect them to arrange themselves into a nice strong wall. Der! You have to place them carefully and cement them in place. You have to do the work. A brick can do nothing on its own. Well, I found out that my sub-conscious mind is a bit like a brick. When it is given the right information, and I learn to use the tools at my disposal properly, I can build a new Blueprint, that my subconscious will follow instead. You see, like the soil, it does not care what you plant, it will happily grow weeds and roses. The choice of which seed to plant is yours, not the soil’s.

brick pileSo if someone just throws a pile of bricks on the ground and then complains that their brick wall is not working you’d think they were pretty silly. You’d probably tell them to stop whining and get on and build it properly. But how many of us would give the same advice to someone with mental or emotional piles that are not working properly? Telling someone to ‘pull themselves together’ or ‘get a life’ seems a little harsh when they are clearly upset or confused. But actually that is exactly what they need to do. Go and get a life, by pulling yourself together. Through learning to manage your thoughts, which are magnetic energy, we pull or attract to us other things of a similar vibrational energy. Having the right tools for the job is a great help, and through the Master Keys I learnt how to focus on what I want from my life, and how to ‘stay‘ focused on it. Today my life looks very different compared to a few years ago, and as I continue learning and focusing I shall achieve my goals and dreams. brick wallHow do I know? My subconscious is still making decisions 7 seconds before my conscious mind is even aware of it, but now those decisions are based on a positive, well constructed blueprint which I have worked hard to build. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle, but you do have to give in order to receive. Just do the work!

“What the mind can conceive, it can achieve” (Napoleon Hill)