C15 You can’t stop it

Stop what?

Have you ever felt like the breaks have come off? That the ride has started and it’s too late to get off? You’re strapped in and there’s no going back!……..Welcome to my week!!!!

pensFor those who have been following my story you will know that during the Master Key journey I reached that fork in the road of life and made the decision to leave the safety and comfort of everything I have known for the past 15 years. My thoughts turned to what I really wanted to do with my life. I knew my heart was taking me in a different direction, but where?…….I began reading, listening, studying and learning everything that came into my line of vision. I experimented with crafts, I wrote down all the ideas that popped into my head, made copious notes sitting on the floor with a flip chart pad spread out on the carpet and a handful of coloured pens, and scribbled hour after hour, day after day, getting all the ideas out where I could see them all.

Have you heard the saying……’do what you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life?’ Ok, what do I love?…..Well that’s easy….Music….Craft, especially using junk…. Teaching….. Helping people…..Understanding the way we think…..Having coffee and a chat with friends…… Arranging music for ensembles…Ok, so now what? How do I create a new future out of that lot?

poohThink, think,think!!!!….Think, think, think again!!!!….Think, think, think some more!!!! Think again! 

It has taken almost twelve months of thinking; sometimes ideas came two or three in a day, sometimes once in a fortnight, but gradually the plan started to unfold. I put together a series of workshops to help people reconnect with their inner child and reignite their imagination using music, craft and creative thinking. I made many alterations along the way as more information presented itself, and finally had the bones of a seven week course written out, with appropriate crafts and exercises that highlighted the message of each weeks topic…. Phew!… Now what?

The 19th June saw the end of my teaching commitments just as my DMP (Definite Major Purpose – re The Master Keys) said, and I was able to concentrate 100% on the future. Suddenly my dream got bigger. Instead of thinking of helping a few individuals I began to think about helping businesses struggling for ideas, parents wanting to find a new direction after raising a family, those facing redundancy and needing to explore their options. Still stepping in faith I contacted a local marketing company for help and advice, which turned out to be a great decision. Doors are opening to reveal the next part of my journey through several helpful connections. My new business cards arrived today and a Press Release is being organised for a couple of weeks time!

roller coasterAfter months of pushing, pulling and cajoling my ideas up hill, alongside all the Master Key work, suddenly I feel at the top of the roller coaster. You know that moment when the cart sits poised at the apex, you look out over the horizon….here we go… your knuckles turn white as you hold tighter to the rail….You know its gonna happen….you feel the jolt of the cart as you edge past the point of no return….and then …………………………………….   arrrggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can’t stop the beat!

 I have played the Baritone Sax part to this piece many times with the Stafford Grammar School Concert Band.  I will miss you all. With love and best wishes to my pupils and colleagues. xxx 

SGS Concert Band 1Day 1.148