C17 Are you SELF ish?

Am I a Shell Fish?

Do I Sell Fish?       What???

little_miss_selfish_by_jared33-d6lxhmnThis week has been one of progress and rest, and during the rest times the thoughts that have presented themselves have been focused on what it means to be ‘selfish’

Did you know…. despite the name…. shellfish are not a kind of fish, but are simply water-dwelling animals. So you could say the name is a little misleading. We use it in both broad and specific terms which potentially causes confusion.

fishandchipsSimilarly, if I told you I ‘sell fish‘ you could interpret this to mean I own a Fish and Chip Shop,…… or I work in an Aquarium,……or you might think I am a fisherman fish-stalls-at-billingsgate-marketout on the ocean wave with my net everyday,…..  or possibly, I might shout my wares at Billingsgate Fish Market in London. All are plausible interpretations.

As neither term clearly defines one specific meaning, it is left to the interpreter, (that’s you) to decide which meaning seems most appropriate given the circumstances you are observing.

So…….what does it mean to be ‘selfish’?

The Oxford English dictionary defines it as a person, action, or motive, lacking consideration for other people; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.’ But what if we break it down and investigate a little further? 

‘SELF’ – there are several descriptions but the one I am going with here is – ‘the distinct individuality or identity of a person or thing.’ 

‘ISH’ is a suffix used to form adjectives from nouns, with the sense of ‘belonging to’ ‘after the manner of’ ‘having the characteristics of’ ‘ like’ ‘addicted to’ or ‘inclined or tending to’. 

Hmmm, this causes the mind to form a very different interpretation. Now if I ask, “Are you SELF-ISH‘?” I am asking “Are you a distinct individual who has the manner or characteristics of that which you individually are?”    Ooooh…..well that sounds better?….. But do you know who you individually are?

In order to be able to answer the question you need to apply a new set of criteria. You need to think about your ‘SELF’. Who are you? We believe we know what we are like because from the day you were born people have told you. Parents, teachers, friends, and even strangers may have told you you are good at this or that, you’re kind, helpful, hardworking, or maybe some even told you you’re moody, grumpy, lazy? 🙁

Laughing Mirror and more at Family Fair (5)Actually, all these personas and characteristics are just like reflections in a mirror. They are someone else’s interpretation or opinion based on their ‘own’ perspective or experiences and may not be at all accurate of who you really are. Unfortunately many of us believe the opinions of others instead of seeking to find out for ourselves who we are! If a belief is ‘just a thought we keep telling ourselves’, and what we tell ourselves is based on the opinion of someone else, then it would make sense that you could be telling yourself the wrong things.

How can you know what your true ‘SELF’ is like unless you spend some time finding out. I thought of several acronyms this week for the term SELF:

S – Source   E – Eternal   L – Love   F – Force

Source Energy is the Universal Energy that is all around us, in everything. Without it nothing would exist. Love is not a tangible thing you can pick up. It is a feeling deep inside. But it’s force inspires, creates, loves, lives, explores, expands, forgives and is eternal. We all have this loving Source Energy or Spirit within us. We discussed several months ago that when our Spirit leaves our physical body, our body dies, therefore our Spirit is essentially who we are. To know, understand and hear this Spirit or ‘inner being’ we need to be still and quieten our mind, and like anything else we want to become proficient at in life, it takes practice.

musselsTry sitting absolutely still for even a few minutes, and at first you’ll probably find your mind swamped with thoughts about everything else you should be doing instead. The urge to scratch your arm, your leg, your nose drives you nuts, your hair tickles your face, your tummy starts rumbling for food …….on and on…… and then one day you realise you have sat still for more than 15 minutes without moving a muscle! 🙂 Now you can really listen.

To be truly SELF-ISH means to take on the characteristics of the spiritual, eternal loving force that is within you. We learnt through the Master Key Experience that the ‘World Without is a direct reflection of the World Within.’ Who are you? Who lives within your flesh and bones?

If you are ready to find out who you truly are, think seriously about joining the Master Key Experience 2014 and discover the ‘REAL YOU.’ Opt in here for more details coming soon.