C19 Satisfied with 10%???

or Do YOU Think YOU could do better?

tornadoWhen you were a kid and wanted to know what was happening, how often did your parents say things like ‘Wait and See?” I guess it’s a fairly safe response to children’s incessant questions when you don’t really know the answer. But maybe it is more appropriate to say ‘Feel and Allow!” Throughout the MasterKey journey we learnt how thoughts charged with feeling are magnetic energy. We know the most powerful forces are the invisible forces of nature. No machine man has built that can stop the full blown power of the wind, electricity, cold or heat. We can take measures to control things as best we can, but if nature decides to go on a rampage there is very little we can do. We just have to wait it out and then clear up the devastation.

positive-feedbackI suspect most people would agree that Positive is preferable to Negative! So if our feelings create a magnetic energy force that attracts like energy to them, then it would make sense that keeping the energy as positive as possible is wiser than sending out negative energy. Otherwise, like rampages of nature we end up just having to clear up the damage and devastation caused. Some people may believe they can’t be causing any damage by thinking negative thoughts, because they are just things in your head that no one else can see or hear. Neither can we actually see or hear Electricity, but we can see the powerful effects of it all around us. When used properly it is good and useful, but if misused it is dangerous and even lethal.

Lucky-Dip-bonds_2715673bPre the Master Key Experience I knew I was not a bad person; At times I dwelt on negative thoughts just like everyone else, and at other times I felt positive and hopeful. But there was never any deliberate control or purpose behind my thoughts, I just reacted to life going on around me. So the energies that were drawn to me, and causing the life I was living were a sort of ‘lucky dip.’ Sometimes I got things I wanted, and sometimes I got things I didn’t want.

As I have learnt more about the different energies of this world and Universe, I have come to understand that I actually can control the experiences that manifest in my life. By imagining what I ‘do’ want, and allowing my thoughts to focus, I create positive feelings, which emanate from my being, and more ‘like’ energies are drawn to it. At school we learnt about the ‘Law of Attraction’ in Science, and how magnets worked, how the Law of Gravity was discovered, and how Electricity, Fire, and Water work. Humans have learnt to manipulate these powerful forces to create our homes, our towns and cities, our transport, clothes and food. We are such intelligent creatures, and yet we hear it said time and time again that we only use 10% of our brain capacity! Why is this? How can we improve this?

90If you take an exam and only get 10% you would probably conclude that you did not do very well. Considering 90% more marks were available to you, that is probably a fairly justified conclusion. Yet why do so many accept without question that using only 10% of our brain is ok? If we can create cities, and all the machines and material things we all enjoy using only 10%, then how much more could we create if we learnt how to tap into some of the remaining 90%?

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Satisfied with 10%, OR THINK you could do better?

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