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Find the key to your Life

GoldenKeyIf you have been following my blog at all for the last twelve months you probably know that the Master Key Experience has made a huge impact on my self belief, and consequently lead to me making the decision to leave my fifteen year teaching position in a wonderful school to set up a new business.

Finding the key to me was the answer.

I have enjoyed being a self-employed woodwind tutor for many years, but like anything, there comes a time when you need to stretch yourself further. We need to keep growing and learning to feel alive. I needed to step out of my comfort zone and expand my thinking for my own personal growth. But how?

red-heartThe Master Key Experience helped me to understand that I had unique gifts and talents that only I could bring to the world. We all have unique gifts and talents, but so often we fail to see what is right under our nose. We don’t always recognise the uniqueness of our gifts, and forget that others can not do the very thing we do so naturally. I considered this for a while and began to think about what I really love to do. What was I good at? What things have I done that people have praised or admired? What things do I do that make me ‘feel’ good? What makes my heart sing? How could I help others in my own unique way?

I understood that our natural gifts are often things we enjoyed most as a young child. What did I do when I was young that made me lose myself and made hours feel like minutes, that quite literally made me feel time fly? What caused me to feel excited to jump out of bed in the morning? The answer was actually quite easy……craft and music!

Ok, sflip_charto now what? What else have I done with in my life that enhances these natural gifts? Again the answer seemed obvious……teaching! Not any teaching, but specifically woodwind teaching. So I began to study, ……make notes, ….think, ……make more notes, …..study, ….think,…. make more notes, and on it went. For weeks and weeks I sat on the floor with a huge flip chart and felt pens mind mapping everything that came into my head. And gradually as the months passed, Gifted Life came into view. My objective was to take my natural gifts and talents, marry them with 18 years teaching experience and breath new life into what came naturally.

Some think I’m crazy, others think I’m brave. 🙂 Maybe a bit of both…but one thing I do know …… when you come face to face with the Hero within, and don’t answer the call to be the person you were born to be, you will regret it for the rest of your life! When you set your intention, focus your attention and believe, you will achieve. Failure is NOT an option.

“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” (Napoleon Hill)

Your Greatest Adventure lies ahead

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