C5 Do you like yourself?

Would you be your friend?

Earlier this week I was feeling disturbed over something and after much heart ache and mental questioning, I decided to sleep on it and let the answer come to me unhindered. The next morning as well as seeing a very significant quote that highlighted something I needed to know, this was my reading from Marianne Williamson’s ‘A Year of Miracles’…..

Today I will be a friend to myself.

No one is going to accept me if I don’t accept myself first. When anyone has rejected me, I realise now that I had rejected myself first. I was waiting for someone else’s acceptance to prove to me that I was worth accepting! Not accepting myself, I didn’t show up the fullness of myself when I engaged with others. And so of course they rejected me! Today I will be loyal to myself. Not in denial about my weakness, but loyal…..and kind……and embracing. I will accept myself warts and all. Other people will see my goodness when I have seen it first.

No one knows better than I do all the hell that I have been through. I will no longer beat up on myself, when I know so well the blows I have endured. Starting today, I will be a better friend to myself.

friend.jpgYou may be kind and caring to many people in your life, but have you ever stopped to consider whether you are kind to yourself? Do you honour yourself and treat yourself the way you would treat your best friend or partner or children? Do you look at yourself and smile or laugh?

For many years I have doubted my ability, shied away from things for fear of embarrassing myself or looking like a fool. How did I learn to be so self-conscious, and how many times has this thwarted my ability to really let go and enjoy life? Sadly the times are too numerous to mention. The Master Key journey has helped me to be less self-conscious and more ‘Self‘ Conscious viewing life with a new fresh perspective. My ‘Self’ or ‘I’ is the Spirit within me. That part of me that thinks and gives me life. I’ve discussed previously the point that when the Spirit leaves the body we are described as clinically dead. Therefore, we are nothing without Spirit. And if our Spirit is the same as Universal Spirit, the only difference being one of degree, then who are we to dismiss ourselves and our abilities!

Our continued reading of Og Mandino’s ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ has meant throughout April reading ‘I laugh at the World’ (Scroll VII). The day before we move to Scroll VIII these words lift my heart to a new level. “With laughter and happiness I truly become a success. With laughter and happiness I enjoy the fruits of my labor.”

bigstock-d-rendering-of-a-rubber-stamp-17085044.jpgTaking yourself too seriously, worrying about what others think, and hiding your talents for fear of criticism is like saying the Universe is less than perfect. That maybe ‘He’ was having a bad hair day when I was created!!!!! Logically speaking, how ridiculous is that? If you don’t love yourself, laugh at yourself and be the wonderful, perfect, harmonious person you were created to be it is like taking a dirty big rubber stamp and printing ‘Reject’ on your forehead!

Oh how I am learning to laugh at the world 🙂