Conditioned Thinking

Conditioning vs Creating

Most of us have been conditioned into believing we are who we think we are. Does that sound a bit strange to you? Of course you believe you are who you think you are. Who would you be if you didn't believe you are you? Does that seem a silly question?

Seriously though, who would you be if you didn't believe the things you currently believe about yourself to be true?

Many of our deepest beliefs come from our interaction with others. When parents smile and encourage us we believe we are good, accepted or talented at something. If they shout angrily and criticise we believe we are bad, unacceptable or no good at something.

Babies and young children have no conscious filter through which to process and soak up all these little interactions, positive or negative, like sponges. Often it is not until we face a life crisis that we stop to question why things are not working out as hoped for. 

If someone had told me when I was 7 years old that I would have two divorces, be a single mother of three children, have my heart broken and lose so much confidence in myself that I drop out of University after 6 months, only to return to University in my 30's while juggling being a single mum on top, I think I would have signed the 'Get out of Jail Free' card there and then. Who the heck wants to go through all that s*&%?

Crisis triggers change

It is not until a crisis, or even several crises that we begin to question ourselves and the point of everything. Why do I believe I am rubbish? Why do I react when someone presses my buttons? What does that even mean?

I think our 'buttons' are like little vibrational frequencies deep within us. When pressed they trigger a negative belief. Our brain releases chemical peptides that flood our body with a feeling of anger, hurt, unworthiness, powerlessness, loneliness or fear. Our body recognises the chemical as an emotion and feels threat or danger and reacts automatically. Usually without any awareness of why, we respond negatively towards the person who pressed the button. 

You were conditioned to be the person 'everyone else' expected you to be. The realisation that your thoughts and behaviours are simply conditioning unlocks the door to freedom. Understanding how everything from our thoughts, feelings, habits, music we listen to, TV programs and video games affect our vibrational frequencies is a life changer.

A whole new world opened up for me when I discovered quantum physics, law of attraction and neuroplasticity. Why weren't we taught this stuff in school? Watch the 10 minute video above to see how vibrations affect life. What patterns are you creating around you?

For generations men and women have been conditioned to follow the rules, do as they are told and stop dreaming. Who remembers being told to face reality, money doesn't grow on trees, there are thousands worse off than you, get a job, be a good wife or husband, when are you going to have a baby?

We believe we have to do what everyone else does because that's the way things are. Don't rock the boat. No one likes a smart arse! Keep your head down, don't draw attention to yourself, and on and on!!!!

Whether you like it or not we are entering a new age of conscious enlightenment. Many are struggling to emerge from their conditioned cocoon of emotional pain, limiting beliefs and subconscious blindness. As I look back I can see I had to experience the things I did in order to be able to serve people post 2020. Like many awesome coaches, tutors, mentors and therapists I know without doubt I am here to help others free themselves from the chains of conditioned thinking. To empower you to understand you are the creator of your life and work out the knots where necessary. There is no need to stay shackled, facing the shadows on the cave wall. You are free to change your perspective. You can choose conditioned thinking or empower yourself to create the life of your dreams. 

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