MK Week C10 – Fear of the Unknown!

What you know verses Fear of the Unknown!

fear is a funny thingHow often do you do the things you know and avoid the things you don’t know out of fear? We may not admit it to ourselves, let alone anyone else, but fear of looking stupid in front of others, or embarrassing ourselves at work, in a group, on social media or anywhere prevents a lot of people from stepping up and doing something they would like to do.

Why and where do these fears come from? Who taught you to be afraid of failing? Where did you acquire this sense of embarrassment at getting things wrong? What makes you fear what others might think and say anyway?

what you know verses fear of the unknownA baby isn’t born with these fears, and young children are much more adventurous and willing to give things a go even if they don’t know how to do it than many adults. So somewhere between infancy and our teenage years, and sadly often earlier than this, we learn to fear things. We develop a sense of who we are through the interaction and reaction of other people.

If the reaction of other people makes you feel afraid to try something, or not good enough in some way, you are allowing others to control you. You absorb their feelings and believe they are true of yourself too, and maybe you’re even passing on your fears to your children in a bid to protect them from embarrassment too. It becomes a vicious cycle and somewhere, somehow, if you want to change your life you have to overcome what others think and decide for yourself that you are going to do something regardless of what may or may not go wrong. To allow yourself to be true to you, stand up and be counted as they say. How do you do that when your brain is screaming at you from the inside…..Nooooo, you can’t do that!!!!!! You’ll fall!!! You’ll fail and look stupid!!!!!! Who do you think you are????!!!!

You may say that you cannot “let go” of theses things, but you can; you can do so by mentally determining to do so, by voluntary intention and persistence.’ (Haanel 4:31)

habitsBefore I took the MasterKey Experience Course I feared so many things it was a wonder I even got out of bed in the morning sometimes! If putting yourself down were a champion sport I am sure I would have be in with a chance of a gold medal!! 🙁 So what changed? Did I really overcome my fears, my inhibitions, my lack of confidence and self belief? Was a 6 month course really all it took?

The answer to these questions has to be Yes and No. I can say with hand on heart that the MasterKey Experience Course came along at the right time for me. I was already on the path to discovering who I am. I was hungry, I wanted to know who I would ‘be when I grow up’ lol, and I knew deep inside my heart that it was the right thing to do. I had no idea what it involved I just knew that I knew that I knew, that if I didn’t take this course I would regret it soooo much. How I knew that I don’t know. I just felt it. Is procrastinating your major sport? Are you afraid of what others think about you, afraid you are not good enough to be more than you are? Then I want to speak directly to you now.

“You can be whoever you want to be, and the very best place I have found to start the wheels turning in the right direction is the MasterKey Experience Course. Yes it’s 6 months of work; at times hard, at times challenging, at times emotional, at times frustrating, at times more eye opening that anything I’ve ever done. Are you ready to turn your back on the naysayers, give up those false fears and doubts you’ve believed for so long to be true, and get to know the real you? Then join the thousands just like you from all over the world who are taking a look for themselves, and make up your own mind. If you don’t find out, you can’t make a proper decision.”

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Believe you can and you’re right, believe you can’t and you’re right! What you believe is a choice!