The Golden Nugget of Business – Self Worth

What’s the Golden Nugget of your Business?

golden-nugget-self-worthI know many of the circumstances and life scenarios that attracted people to do my Creative Mindfulness Course. But I still hadn’t nailed their true why! I was still missing that ‘Golden Nugget.’ What was the ‘one thing‘ that clients wanted and needed? What drove people to immerse themselves in seven weeks of Creative Mindfulness?

Although life circumstances such as  loss, bereavement, divorce, redundancy, lack of focus, stress, overwhelm, midlife crisis…etc, were the obvious reasons, they are still not the true reason people attend.

As I’ve pondered this question and thought about each and every course member, and reminisced over how each gained in confidence and happiness over the period of seven weeks, I realised actually, what the course provides is relief and release from emotional blocks. It provides human connection and a fresh, new creative open door through which each person gained a new sense of Self Worth and Confidence.

What’s your Self Worth Upper Limit?

my-upper-limit-self worthIn my humble opinion, Self Worth is probably one of the number one causes of fear, self doubt, procrastination and inner emotional and mental turmoil. Issues around Self Worth run very deeply for so many people. In his book ‘The Big Leap’ Gay Hendricks discusses how each of us has an ‘Upper Limit,’ whereby we hold mental and emotional limits around what we think we deserve. When we get close to achieving our Upper Limit, subconsciously we Self Sabotage because we don’t believe we are worthy of more. Even millionaires can have a glass ceiling that prevents them from becoming billionaires! 🙂

I love continuously learning and understanding personal development, metaphysical and spiritual material. Over the last few weeks I’ve discovered some Upper Limits I was still carrying deep in my psyche. No matter how much Self Development we have done there is always more to learn. What is holding you back from moving forward? It’s probably not what you think it is!

I want to break free!

When you take the time to slow down, give your Conscious Mind and body something creative to do, it allows you space to hear what your Inner Voice is saying. Creative Mindfulness (Mindfulness + Creative art, thinking and writing) in small groups enables ideas to flow and emotions, epiphanies and concerns to be expressed in a safe, comfortable environment. While fun, social interaction and making wonderful effective creative projects from rubbish releases feel good hormones and boosts Self Confidence and Self Belief.

break-free-embrace your self worthAs your emotional and mental energies rise, you are more able to release limiting beliefs, naturally increasing your Self Worth and enabling you to move forward from what seemed like an impasse in your life.

No matter what your current life circumstances, you can move forward and change your life. Negative emotions are not bad things to avoid, but rather your Inner Being’s communication with you, letting you know that you are just facing in the wrong direction. It can seem insensitive to tell someone to just turn around and face the other way when they’re in a low emotional place.

We all need a little push sometimes.

It’s not always so easy. That is exactly what Creative Mindfulness can help with. It’s a powerful, gentle and fun way to turn yourself around mentally, emotionally and physically. We all need a little help sometimes to do something that will ultimately result in our own good. I am here to nurture you and nudge you gently in the right direction.

It is truly amazing witnessing people move from tears to smiles, fear to belief and sadness to joy by reigniting their creative spirit, imagination and Self Worth. We all need encouragement, or a little push sometimes, but oh……..when you discover you can fly…………………

If your Self Worth has taken a battering over the years and you’re ready to move forward, release emotional barriers and open your mind to possibility then please email me at  If you live too far away to attend a live course then please check out the online version here. ONLINE COURSES