See to Believe or Believe to See?

See to Believe or Believe to See? Which are you?

BelieveDo you need to see before you believe, or can you believe before seeing? I love reading and listening to metaphysical teachings, understanding the processes of the brain, our thoughts, the heart and our feelings. There is so much research and scientific evidence to reflect that what we think and feel affects what we experience in our life.

Many have either been taught, or accept as true that ‘Seeing is Believing’. Yet metaphysical teachings suggest that actually it is the other way around, that ‘Believing is Seeing.’ At first this can seem strange, but if you dig a little deeper you start to notice some truths in this simple phrase.

To Sit or not to Sit, that is the question.

Let’s have a bit of fun here! Suppose a friend invited you over for dinner…….

Scenario 1: After the usual pleasantries you’re invited to sit down at the dinner table. Oh no!!!! Sit on a chair!!??? But….What if……Ermm…. You look at the chair from all angles to make sure it is built properly. You ascertain that it has the usual four legs, one on each corner and a solid base on which to sit. Yea….but that’s no guarantee….so you get a magnifying glass and check all the joints, screws and posts just to be on the safe side. How complicated and irksome would life become if you had to go through this rigmarole every time you were invited to sit down??? 🙁

Scenario 2: After the usual pleasantries you’re invited to sit down at the dinner table. You sit down and start your meal, while it is still hot!!! 🙂 How easy was that?!!

Seeing is BelievingLiteral ‘Seeing is Believing’ living leads to stress, doubt, fear, hesitation, and being in a perpetual state of anxiety. If we lived every day from this perspective we would never get anything done, eat cold dinners and be a bag of nerves.

In the second scenario ‘Believing is Seeing,’ leads to trust, knowing the chair will support you without hesitation so you can just sit down and enjoy your meal. Easy. Effortless.

Every day we all do things automatically in complete faith and belief that certain things will happen. We believe before seeing, and probably 9.9999 times out of 10, our belief is correct.

Woo Woo or Wahoo!!?

We use this same assurance when plugging in the hairdryer, flicking on a light or switching on the kettle. If on the occasional 0.0001 time something doesn’t work, we don’t blame electricity or gravity for not working. We know immediately that either the appliance is faulty or we have Believing is Seeingmade a mistake. So why is it so difficult to believe, if thoughts are also energy, through our Conscious focus, we can attract to us what we want? If what we want is for our good and don’t take anyone else’s good then it’s got to be a winner for sure. Yea?!

Our heart sends out more powerful vibrations than our brain, which is why it’s very important to ‘feel.’ Feelings, like imagination, are poor Masters, but great servants. Your Conscious Mind is and always has full control over your thoughts and imagination. It’s just that we have not been encouraged to understand how the mechanism works properly and often are left wondering why things seem to go wrong.

For many conformity has been the norm, and anything outside of this is seen as ‘woo woo!’ But conformity leads to ‘woah is me’ thinking, while Conscious, deliberate focus leads to ‘wahoo I’m free’ thinking. Ready to open your mind to your potential?

Dust off your Imagination

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