Your Life has Created the Perfect Conditions

Have your life problems crushed or created you?

Life Let your Light ShineWe have all faced problems and trials throughout our life, but the choice to let them crush or create you is yours. It doesn’t feel like that when you are in the eye of the storm, but often when we look back with hindsight, we can say thank you because it made you a stronger person.

So if you’re in the middle of a storm right now, know that the only unchangeable thing about life is that ‘everything changes’. Your storm will not last, and you will come through a stronger, wiser person with new gifts to share.

Honing the Diamond

I’ve just started reading a book I found yesterday called ‘Light is the New Black’ by Rebecca Campbell and to be honest, I haven’t been able to stop reading it. The heart felt words just touched me so much. My summary of one point Ms Campbell discusses is, the people and circumstances that have come into your life have been the perfect backdrop for you. The circumstances of your life have created the person you are today and helped mold and hone you and the gifts you have to share. When you see the things as happening FOR you instead of TO you it really changes your perspective! The most beautiful diamonds are created under intense heat and pressure.

It’s only experience that really teaches

Nothing teaches us like experience and your life experiences have created the perfect learning environment for you to hone your skills and knowledge. You have valuable gifts that only you can share in your own unique way, and the people who need you are looking for you. If lack of imagination is the only thing holding you back from discovering your path, then read on!

‘Imagination, Visualization, Concentration are all spiritual faculties, and are all creative, because spirit is the one Creative Principle of the Universe, and he who has found the secret of the creative power of thought has found the secret of the ages. The law stated in scientific terms is, that thought will correlate with its object, but unfortunately the large majority are allowing their thoughts to dwell upon lack, limitation, poverty and every other form of destructive thought. As this law is not respecter of persons their things become objectified in their environment.’ (Charles Haanel -Mental Chemistry)

Know your strengths

Let your life light shineI have not experienced every problem in the world so I cannot profess to be able to help every person in the world. I do know I can help ladies who want to change their life but feel overwhelmed, frustrated, fed up and lack self belief. How do I know I can help? Because I have been in your shoes, and have overcome.

Our imagination needs to be exercised just like any other muscle and skill. I believe it is key to discovering who you really are and creating the life you really want.

Let your Light Shine

My own self discovery journey has allowed me to really tap into my own gifts, skills and experience. I know my purpose is to reignite imagination and I trust those who need my help are looking for me. As I step up and let my light shine I know I am lighting the path for others. One candle can light thousands without losing it’s own light. How may I serve you?

If you’re ready to have fun, get creative, challenge your perception of yourself and open your mind to possibility then take a look at my Creative Self Discovery Course HERE.  Courses are available both in person and online. Please contact me if personal mentoring is something you want to discuss.

Is it time to Let your Light Shine?