Who the bleep do you think you are?

Who the ‘bleep‘ do you think you are?

Who the bleep do you think you areWhat are the first words you think of when asked ‘Who are you?’ Most people start listing all the things they do….for example, I’m a woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a teacher, etc. but these are not ‘Who you really are!’ They are roles you play out in life according to the circumstances and life situations you have encountered.

The only answer without any other label is ‘a human being’. What makes us a ‘human being’? Oooooh, this has suddenly gone deep! LOL 🙂 We can change anything, our clothes, job, circumstances,  goals, and even our gender, but the one thing we cannot change is our humanity. What makes us human?

‘Consciousness or intelligence abounds in everything, peculiar to itself only in that if differs in character to every other thing, for there is but one Universal Consciousness or Intelligence, while there are multitudinous different expressions of it. The rock, the fish, the animal, the human are all recipients of the one Universal Intelligence. They are only differently formed manifestations of cosmic substance, differently combined rates of motion or vibration.’ (Charles Haanel)

Creative AnimalsIs being creative what makes humans different to animals? That depends on your definition of creative. Many animals are very creative; watch a dog or a cat when it wants feeding or a tummy rub! They know how to get noticed. Birds and spiders skilfully create their nests!

Is humanity differentiated by our ability to love and choose who we have relationships with? Some animals mate for life and build strong family units and packs, they have a season for procreation and they teach their young how to survive. You’ve probably seen images of animals who protect their owner or a small child. Many animals have the ability to demonstrate love.

“Become who you are by learning who you are.” (Robert Greene)

Is it our insatiable capacity to learn by choice, reason, develop and think creatively? We have the ability to control our mind and feel and think on a deep level. We have the ability to hone fine motor skills to extraordinary levels. None of these things are dependant on gender, or roles in life, they only depend on our humanity. Our ability to choose, imagine and create is incredible!

So why do so many humans go from being sparkling creative imaginative children to stressed, unfulfilled, directionless adults? Life should be one of flow and ease, and if it isn’t then it’s because we are caught up in conformity that is blocking our imagination and creativity.


I FREAKING LOVE MY WORK!I can’t express how amazing the feeling is inside when I see someone’s smile beaming from ear to ear because they have learnt something through their interaction with me. When they realise for themselves that they are gifted, talented, capable, courageous, powerful human beings.

Whether it’s teaching them to play a musical instrument, understand music theory, be creative with recycling materials and understand deeper meanings about life, or simply listening and helping them feel calmer and believe in themselves I freaking love my work! I have so many friends say they need their ‘Sandra time‘ because being with me just helps them feel calm. 😀 That’s so sweet!


“The future belongs to those who learn more skills and combine them in creative ways.”  (Robert Greene)

I have a passion for helping two key groups of people, but for now I want to focus on one.

When you change the way you look at thingsThese are midlife women, like myself, who are where I was a few years ago. Feeling stuck at a crossroads and unable to move forward. Maybe like me, you’ve been looking after your family for 20  years and now you’re unsure as to what to do. Or maybe you’ve been widowed, experienced a relationship breakdown, redundancy or even all three, and you’ve found yourself at a point in life where you don’t know who the bleep you are anymore!!! You want to change direction, help others in new ways but are not confident about what you have to offer the world!

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