MK Week 13 – A Dreamer’s Soul

Lives Forever

‘It will be found that the creative power of thought will explain every possible condition or experience, whether physical, mental or spiritual.’ (Haanel 13:15)

At the half way point through the MasterKey Experience, hopefully it is becoming apparent that our ability to think and imagine are key to what makes us both human as a species, and as individuals, be able to create the life we want for ourselves. If your life is not as you would like it to be then all you need to do it change your thoughts…… If it were that simple why are we not all living our ideal life? There is a simple explanation, as Earl Nightingale reminds us, it is conformity. (I encourage you to listen to his words – just click on the link)

New way‘The old orthodox way of thinking was to be “a worm,” to be satisfied with our portion whatever it is; but the modern idea is to know that we are entitled to the best of everything, that the “Father and I are one” and that the “Father” is the Universal Mind, the Creator, the Original Substance from which all things proceed.’ (Haanel 13:20)

For generations we have been taught to tow the line, stop dreaming, get our head out of the clouds and accept the reality of life. After 12 or more years in an education system that appears to encourage the idea that we should work hard, get a job and join the rank and file of society just like their fathers, and their fathers before them is still very prevalent. Those who are breaking free are seen as radical, unorthodox, woo woo or maybe even hopeless dreamers.

Yet in the introduction to Chapter Thirteen, Haanel quotes the words of Mr Herbert Kaufman, and I want to share just a couple of lines with you to think on:

a dreamers soul”Your homes are set upon the land a dreamer found. The pictures on its walls are visions from a dreamer’s soul. They are the chosen few — the blazers of the way. Walls crumble and Empires fall, the tidal wave sweeps from the sea and tears a fortress from its rocks. The rotting nations drop off from Time’s bough, and only things the dreamer’s make live on.’ (Haanel 13:Intro)

If you have a dream in your heart, listen, follow it. With your imagination focus on what it is you want, feel yourself already doing the thing that you desire. The methods and means to help you fulfil it will open in ways you can not see from where you now stand. Everything in our world was first thought of in the mind of someone who had the courage to dream.