Need a Break?

 Or even a Creativity Pitstop!

Type any number of relevant words into Google or other search engine and you’ll find article after article on all the stress faced by everyone in society today. Regardless of the causes, focusing on the problem does not help. What we need to be looking at are solutions.

two-sided-coinImagine the solution and the problem as being opposite sides of a coin. You can’t look at both sides at the same time, so you have to make a decision! Which side do you focus on? The Law of Attraction clearly states that  ‘Like attracts Like’. Therefore, if logic prevails it would seem that a positive solution focus is more advantageous than a negative problem one. Why would you want to attract more problems?

Do you remember being a little kid, playing for hours and hours with friends, making dens, running and jumping and scraping your knees, climbing trees, building lego fortresses, painting and drawing? Pirouetting in a pink tutu around the room or crawling on the floor pretending to be an animal, or a monster, or Spiderman on a secret mission? We believed we had forever to do everything and never really understood why our parents wanted us to hurry up when tea was ready. 🙂

kids_fun_ss30217336Playing is a vital part of childhood. Even the word ‘play’ conjures up images of carefree times, exploration and fun. Imagine asking a 5 year old to attend a board meeting, draw the architectural plans for a building, workout at the gym 3 times a week, learn construction techniques, do the decorating, study advertising methods, prepare a choreograph routine or join the navy? They would think you had gone a bit doo-lally. Why would they want to do that? They’d probably say that was boring stuff and they just want to play because play is fun. Often in this time of carefree fun and play lay the seeds of who we were born to be.

pink tutuDid the lego fortress builder become a construction engineer, an architect, a builder, a surveyor, a property manager?

zumba coachDid our pink tutu pirouetting dancer fulfil her dream and become a ballerina, zumba instructor, fitness coach, dress designer?

Did the painter become an artist, a decorator, a teacher, a graphic designer, an entrepreneur who owns his own gallery?

So many seeds are sown in those early days, yet how sad that we often neglect to recognise the importance of play for ourselves as adults. Creative play helps all of us, regardless of age. It allows us to escape for a while, relax, have fun, and give our mind time to explore solutions in a non-confrontational, creative environment; and when our mind is relaxed what usually happens?…. Those AHA!! moments of clarity that we had been searching so hard for for weeks can pop into our heads from seemingly no where! Actually they are not from no where. They were there all the time in our own inner subconscious mind, which finally gets a chance to be heard when our conscious mind is absorbed in something else. If you are feeling frustrated or stressed over circumstances in your life and don’t know what to do, maybe you need a creative pitstop to unwind, refocus and reignite your imagination and reconnect with the inner you.

What things did you do as a child that may hold the key to your adult happiness?