You are beautiful

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

in the mirrorDo you check for wrinkles, blemishes or spots? Do you check for grey hairs or criticise the way your body looks? “My legs are too short, my bum looks too big, my nose look funny……etc” So many of us have been conditioned to compare ourselves with others and with airbrushed models in magazines that we only look in the mirror to check what is wrong with us.

How many times during the day do you say things like “I’m so clumsy, I’m so stupid, I’m so fat, I’m not very good at …(you fill in the blank)….., I’m rubbish, etc?”

happy-child-jungle-gym-little-girl-having-fun-playing-monkey-bars-41620790If you stop and pay attention to the negative things you say and think all day, every day, is it any wonder that your life is not working out how you hoped it would!!! Little children love to show you what they can do, their latest achievement. “Look at me, look at me” they shout as they swing upside down on the monkey bars or rush to show you their latest artistic masterpiece. “Look what I can do.” As parents we all love to see our children making progress, feeling happy and want more than anything for them to grow into fulfilled and happy young men or women. You were that little child once too!

foggy-glassAt what age did we start to look in the mirror and question our appearance, our body, our abilities? We stop calling out to be noticed, and in many cases maybe even feel chastised for showing off if we do. What a terrible state we allow ourselves to get into mentally and emotionally! The fog descends and all we see is a blurred image of who we really are, and eventually accept this image as the norm. We can not see our beauty anymore.

I have been struggling with how to define my purpose in life, and although I knew what I was wanting to achieve it was not clear to others. This week I met a wonderful, inspirational man called Derek Mills who’s Keynote speech at the Health, Wealth and Happiness Exhibition in Nottingham really touched a nerve. My eyes welled up as I really heard the words “YOU ARE ENOUGH”

Enough – Sufficient; all that is required, needed, or appropriate.

Was it my own lack of self-belief that had been hindering my ability to articulate my purpose clearly to others? The very next day I heard another beautiful, inspirational woman Trish Ableoff describe how changing her focus from ‘wanting to help people with depression’ (which links your subconscious mind to depression) to ‘wanting to spread happiness’ (linking your subconscious mind to happiness) completely opened up the path not only for herself but for those she was wanting to help too.

you-are-specialI reconsidered my own value and purpose and realised I don’t want to help people with low self esteem or poor body image. I want to help people see the beauty within themselves. To see that no matter how conditioned they may have become that everything and everyone can be restored or transformed. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Taking everyday trash, that we throw out by the shed load every week, I want to change the way you look at yourself and the world around you. Reconnect with the beauty you possess inside. It’s time to set your ‘inner child’ free and see yourself as you truly are. Be the most beautiful, gorgeous, wondrous, creative you you were always intended to be. <3

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