Obsession or Opportunity?

ready to change?

If there is one thing in life I simply do not understand it is the obsession with posting Selfies!

A few months ago (before COVID - remember those days!?) I was travelling on the train to London and witnessed two young people, probably in their late teens or early twenties, take at least half an hour taking and retaking selfie poses of themselves before they were finally satisfied they looked gorgeous enough to post on their social media platform. It was a bizarre ritual to watch as they put their heads together, sucked in their cheeks, stuck out their chins and pursed their lips in a vain attempt to look cool. Then changing the angle of their heads slightly thinking it would make a difference! LOL Do they really think this is a good look??!! 

Despite a few minutes mild entertainment value during this charade going on right in front of me, I was saddened that this has become a daily ritual for so many.  

HOW scarily SAD!

How on earth did these two young people think this was a) attractive and  b) really believe anyone else would be remotely interested! They literally discussed whether they looked better with their jacket on or off, zipped up or unzipped. Did wearing their scarf or fluffing up their hair look best! And if it still doesn't look A-M-A-ZING pop a filter over the image to make your skin look as smooth as a babies bottom. OMG........Why? No one looks like this! No one! Where is the belief that this is a healthy obsession come from?

These two young people totally missed the beautiful scenery the train was travelling through, the opportunity to have a deep and meaningful conversation and share their dreams, what they loved about life, and get to know the real person they were travelling with. The power social media has on the minds of all of us, especially young people, is disturbing and frightening. When did it become normal or acceptable to waste ridiculous amounts of energy taking and posting distorted selfie images?

Mental and emotional health are huge topics at the moment, and despite the current world pandemic, you have to question why so many people are disengaged, lonely and frustrated? 

Have you considered the possibility that Nature, The Universe, God, Spirit, whatever you want to call that greater part of us, is giving us all the opportunity to stay home, reflect, refocus and reconnect with who we truly are? To spend time with our families, play together, choose what we teach our children! Do you see the gift in this or only the fear the News wants us to see? It's time to think differently. 

Have you taken a S.E.L.F.I.E today?

I love playing with words and find easy ways to teach deeper concepts and ideas about life and Self Development concepts. Let me introduce you to my acronym for a selfie. 

For the next few weeks keep a journal, a diary or simple check sheet and ask yourself daily:

S - Silence (Have I spent time in Silence today to refocus my mind and listen to my intuition?)

E - Exercise (Have I exercised today to strengthen my body?)

L - Laugh (Have I laughed today and connected with people I love?)

F - Food (Have I eaten healthy food today and provided my body with the nutrients it needs for optimum health?)

I - Imagination (Have I used my imagination today in creative play to reduce cortisol and increase feel good hormones?)

E - Education (Have I read a good book today to improve my skills, knowledge, self awareness?)

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