It’s all about Perspective

It's all about Perspective

Life from a Victim perspective:

All around you see mud. You feel stuck, shoulders hunched, head down, it's hard to move. You see nothing but a dirty, sludgy mess. Continuing to focus on the mud, you start to feel disheartened, discouraged and all is lost.

Where's the hope? Where's the joy? Where is the beauty in any of it?

Everything around you seems to be decaying and dying. It's hopeless. What's the point? 

When you are in a place of emotional pain, your life seems a dirty sludgy mess. The road ahead looks impassable and too slippery. What if you fall?

Life from a Victor perspective:

Nature is always in a process of birth, death and rebirth. The plant in all its glorious greenness has to eventually turn yellow, orange, red and brown. It has to die in its present form and slumber beneath the ground for a season, to allow itself to shine once again as new shoots emerge in Spring. 

Emotional pain is a sign it's time to prune old beliefs, let go of the you you think you are. Give yourself some time to release, reconcile and re-emerge. Returning as a new version of yourself.

You can focus on the decay, or you can focus on the beauty of the colours, the sense of letting go, the promise of new life. You can create paintings inspired by autumnal colours, listen to the birds singing, appreciate the decay as part of a system none of us in our wildest dreams could create. Perfect, natural, stunning.

You are so much more than your physical body. You are a magnificent spirit, here for a reason. As humans we experience life through our emotional body. Pay attention.

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Reflections from a beautiful walk

Lift your eyes from the dirty muddy puddle. Look ahead and see the path before you. Notice the blue sky, the clouds parting and the sun shining. What a glorious day for a walk. What a glorious day for new beginnings and recognition. The old beliefs need to die and new ones created for the upgraded version of you to emerge.

At first chatter flooded my mind, memories, projections and random thoughts. After an hour or so my mind settled, the chattering slowed and I was able to listen to my inner wisdom pointing out the blatantly obvious. Nature goes about its business right under our noses, yet how often do we take the time to notice. We are a part of nature, so it would seem reasonable that we too, go through seasons of personal growth, death and rebirth. Not in a physical sense, but in a mental and emotional sense.

I stopped to listen to the birds in the trees, notice the colours of the flora and fauna, the smell on the breeze, the warmth of the sun breaking through the slight chill in the air. Recognising the growth journey I have been on over the last few months. The total transformation I have been going through for the last few years. I left my comfort zone, I created a new one, I left that and created a new one. Old beliefs had to die, old assumptions had to be chopped down and allowed to decay. The new me could not emerge if it was being strangled and covered over by the old me. 

Have I walked this path alone?

Absolutely not. The path of Self Discovery is virtually impossible to walk alone. The reason is because we only have our own perspective to view through. We need to understand how others see things, help us to see ourselves differently and support us as we go through our Autumn so we can emerge renewed, refreshed, refocused and shine in all our gloriousness.

Ready to shift your perspective?

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