Ready to Rock?

You can't see what you're not looking for!

Most people only see what's right in front of them. They see the overdraft, the overgrown garden, the failing relationship or the illness. They think if these things could be fixed they'd feel better, and whilst on one level this may appear true, the reality is you are still only scratching the surface. No one wants to be overdrawn, face a mountain of brambles, arguing and miserable or be ill. Most don't want to admit they're feeling so alone in a world of 7 billion people. Yet at times we all do it, including me. Feeling angry, frustrated, lost and blaming everything and everyone else for our unhappiness. We can't see what we're not looking for! Let me explain.

Everything is energy (that's science not woo woo!) and in a Universe where like attracts like, logically everything in your life must be mirroring you at some level. At first it is not obviously perceive with our eyes and ears. We can't actually see feelings or beliefs, we can only see the effects of them. No one, can feel what you feel or see things the way you do. If someone says, 'I know how you feel' it is an inaccurate statement. What they mean is they have experienced a similar situation or circumstance and they had feelings about it too. 

Ready to Rock the Boat?

If you only focus on the outer event or person and wait for it or them to change you will be forever searching for the peace and joy you really want. Asking others to be something other than who they are so you can feel better is futile, unsustainable and like living in emotional quicksand. You need to look under the surface within yourself. Why are you attracting these events, this person? What do these feelings mean? 

Most of us have been taught to conform to other people's opinions, obey their rules and learnt not to rock the boat! Going within and doing the 'Self' work definitely rocks your boat!!

It is powerful, challenging and life transforming for those who dare to dream. The things that are you holding back can only be seen when you really start to look for them. Your feelings are letting you know something is hiding within. Your life situation and the people you meet simply prod at you to bring things to your attention.  It is up to you to discover what you have not been looking for and face it. Only then can you free yourself and then will the outer circumstances change to reflect your new perspective, energy and beliefs.

I work with successful single fathers. That means entrepreneurs, CEOs and working professionals who are being challenged right now emotionally due to separation, divorce or bereavement. You can continue to ignore your feelings, bury them, tie them to a brick and throw them into the brink, but life will continue to reflect them back at you whether you like it or not until you see face them, feel them and free them.

Electricity and gravity are powerful energies. You may not understand how they work but you know how to work with them to enhance your life and avoid harm. Are you ready to rock the boat? I will help support and guide you through the rough waters. Everyone needs someone in times of trouble. Reach out today and let's talk.

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