You hold the key

Emotional Prison

Using the right tools for the job always produces better results doesn't it! 

When it comes to home DIY we know not to paint the walls with a saw or sand the woodwork with a hammer. The result would be disastrous and cost you more time, money and energy. 

We also understand if we don't know how to do something ourself, such as electrics or plumbing, we can either learn to do it or hire someone to help us. The logic is obvious. It also depends on the results you want and how quickly you want things done.

So why don't we apply the same logic when it comes to Emotional DIY?

So many end up locking themselves into an emotional prison.  Muddling along, suppressing their feelings and trying to distract themselves with stuff that doesn't help. The relief felt from one glass of wine eventually requires a bottle to achieve. Why? Because our body gets used to it, so we need more and more to get the same relief.

You are Worth it

No one teaches us what to do when life isn't working out, when someone leaves us, when someone we love dies, how to work or run a business when the going gets tough. Yet these are things all of us have to deal with at sometime in our lives, but what can we do to ease the pain?

I've found many people don't even believe 'they are worthy' of asking for help. It's not until things have become so severe and they're left with little or no choice that they eventually reach out. I can certainly relate to this in my own life. 

Processing our emotions after divorce or bereavement and being plunged into single parenthood, all while trying to keep a clear head for business is tough. 

On the outside you may put on a smile, even be known as the office joker, but inside you feel the emotional pressure cooker is reaching boiling point. Something has to give! Our emotions are early warning signs its time to get help. If you ignore them, sooner or later you're likely to experience physical pains too. Your spirit, your body, your heart are all communicating that something needs to change. Burying the problem creates an invisible emotional and mental prison around you. There is only one person who can unlock the door. The good news is you don't have to do it alone.

Hiring someone to help us see our blind spots, gently guide us through the weeds and thistles that are choking our life will help achieve the results and freedom we want quicker, and ultimately save a lot of time, money and energy.