Right is Might

Right is Might

The Left Brain Hemisphere is where we logically analyse, compare and draw on previous experience to help us problem solve. Our education system is predominantly focused on Left brain learning with Maths, English and Science seen as the defining criteria for assessing intelligence and capability.

Whilst there is merit in approaching certain aspects of education this way it is not sufficient. Human's can't judged by logic alone. As Einstein said, "You cannot judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree."

Neither does it make logical sense to judge a donkey by its ability to fly or a spider by its ability to knit a scarf! Therefore it makes no logical sense to judge all human's simply by way of academic qualifications. We all have unique gifts and talents and I believe using the whole brain is vital to create overall wellbeing.

It is vitally important for our wellbeing to understand ourselves. What makes you tick, what makes you happy and what motivates and inspires you? Has learning algebraic equations helped you create a fulfilling, emotionally intelligent, abundant life? Hmm?!!!

Why DO millions of people SEEK Self Development? 

Because at a fundamental level they are either unhappy or want more from their life. Maybe they feel something is missing, they're emotionally stuck and looking for answers. We start out using logic, reading books, watching educational videos, listening to Guru's, who we believe know more than us. We search and search, sometimes for years. 

All good Self Development books, videos, workshops and coaches will point you back to yourself. Yet we still refuse to look within because we have been taught to think logically and believe the answers lay outside of ourselves. Approaching Self Development from a purely logical perspective only skims the surface. If you really want to stop the emotional weeds growing again you need to pull out the roots. Engaging the Right Brain is how you do this.

For learning to be effective, understanding needs to be embedded efficiently. This can only be achieved through personal experience and enhanced by having fun or novel experiences. The Right Brain Hemisphere processes quite differently, using images, colour, sound, smell, intuition, music and shapes to absorb information holistically. Have you ever been to a workshop, lecture or PD Day and found your eyes drooping and your body sliding down your chair in boredom? Feeling your head is about to fall off your shoulders wakes you with a jolt as the course leader asks a question to which you have no possible answer because you can't remember a thing they said.

Engaging the Right Brain lowers brain wave frequencies from high stress beta states to the lower alpha states, enabling you to access deeper levels of conscious awareness. I'm not talking about knitting circles or being the next Picasso either. I'm talking about using your whole brain to empower yourself and transform your life. Preparing your mind to see new ideas and shift your perspective enables powerful change.

Self Empowerment is NOT about being physically stronger or mentally more intelligent than anyone else. The phrase 'Might is Right' does NOT work in this context. This is about understanding 'Right is Might.'

The Right Brain enables you to reconnect with the hidden power within yourself. That part of yourself that was easily accessible as a child, before you learnt to follow everyone else's rules and opinions.

Are you struggling to process your thoughts and emotions following divorce, bereavement or separation? Are you procrastinating, feeling lonely, miserable and stuck? Are you are seeking freedom from the mental prison you're stuck in? Then let's talk.

Find freedom to be you again and discover the Hero within.  Life transformation takes commitment, courage and an open mind to do things differently. Where has your current thinking got you? 

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