Week C14 – Do you something of value?

Do you have something of value to offer the world?

Value yourself. Choose your own pathDo you find value in articles on social media, television or in magazines about people who leave the corporate highway to follow their own path? Do you envy their courage, or snigger at their stupidity? Dr do you admire their bravery and feel deep within yourself a twang of envy, wishing you had the courage to do the same? The journey into unchartered territory is scary for everyone, but for those that are brave enough to take that first step life becomes a wonderful adventure.

Stepping out of our life of conformity and into a world of uncertainty takes courage and self belief in our own value. I mean, who in their right mind would walk away from a secure income, even if they aren’t happy, just to go on some personal quest to who knows where? Why would you do that?

The reasons people change direction in life, particularly around midlife, are many fold, but I suspect one reason has to be because they want to feel more fulfilled as a person. We feel more fulfilled when we are using our own natural gifts and talents to help others. When you are doing what you do best you feel a sense of freedom, joy and happiness that working for someone else just can’t bring. Some mentors call it ‘finding your voice.’ Are you ready to find your voice? Are you ready to change your life?

Some will, some won't! Value yourselfFeeling valuable and finding your voice takes courage, imagination and self belief. You have to believe that what you have to offer the world is of value. You have to believe you are important enough and capable enough of making a living on your own, you have to trust your gut feelings and follow the clues that show up daily, weekly, monthly. You have to be able to use your imagination to think ‘outside the box.’

I found my voice in my late 40’s through following the MasterKey Experience Course. I was already self employed and teaching in a prestigious school. I love teaching but I felt I could do more and wanted to incorporate other aspects of me, of my gifts into my life and work.

At first I struggled to know what my purpose was, but gradually the ideas came and a plan was formed. I started writing the ‘Gifted Life Creative Self Discovery Course’ and using the name ‘Gifted Life’ as a business name which seemed to fit well with my intention at the time.

Imagination is a valuable toolTwo years on from finishing the MasterKey Experience I am in a completely different place from where I was. One of my recent clients said to me to other day that I am doing what I set out to do and that my course has made a huge difference to her. In fact every single person who has completed my course has expressed the same feelings in different ways!!!

That brings me such joy and deep satisfaction that I don’t even have the words to express it. It’s just a feeling deep within my heart that I know that I know that I know, that I have something of value to offer the world. I want to move forward now and add more ideas and courses and so natural progression led me to change my business name to ‘Sandra Owen Creative’ which I feel opens up the next door. After spending the last couple of weeks getting my blog site changed and setting up my own online course platform I am ready to push forward on the next leg of my life’s journey. There is no way I could have predicted back in 2013 where I would be today. It has been an amazing journey and one that I will NEVER regret taking. It all begins with a decision to start.


You might like to check out this interesting TED talk by Giovanni Corazza talking about the difficulty of thinking creatively without preparation. To change the way you look at things you need to prepare your mind. Creative Self Discovery is a fun, engaging way to do it. 🙂