MK Week C3 – Success in Life

Success in Life is being True to Yourself

kitty2I am surmising by the boom in numbers of people following the MasterKey Course, and other Self Development books and courses, that most people want to feel their life has meaning; that accomplishment and achievement are pretty important endeavours in life. Our continuous, unending search for happiness, prosperity and freedom from the ‘rat race’ drives thousands of people to question the ‘meaning of life’.

I know I reached that crossroads in my life a few years ago and made the decision to follow a certain path. As I did so I found it led me through a series of events and situations that eventually led me to Mark Januszewski’s MasterKey Experience course. My heart knew!! It just knew, that this course was going to make a significant difference to my life. I did not know how, but that ‘inner knowing in my heart’ that we all feel sometimes, was that this course was going to benefit my future in some way. It was time to be ‘True to Myself’ and listen to my heart, regardless of others opinions or concerns.

The My predominant thought or the mental attitude is the magnet, and the law is that “like attracts like”, consequently the my mental attitude will invariably attracts such conditions as correspond to its nature.’ (Haanel 21:12)

Success in Life
Live the life you have imagined.

As I grew in understanding and began to open my mind to possibility, I first achieved victory over the little things, like disciplining myself to stick to weekly tasks, and gradually new habits were formed. These new habits created a sense and feeling of triumph, and as my self confidence grew I was able to step out a little further. If you want to learn to swim you eventually have to let go of the sides! Three years on and I can honestly say I am living a life that is true to myself, and if I were to leave this earth tomorrow I can go with a smile because I feel that deep sense of achievement, accomplishment and happiness that had previously always alluded me.

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