Week 11 Hand of God

 Cause – Effect – Cause – Effect

This week has been transformational,  triggering thoughts on a deeper level.

Life is an evolutionary process. Man created tools out of a necessity to hunt and build more efficiently, and earliest cave paintings indicate the need for artistic expression.

Necessity was the cause of the invention of the wheel, one of the greatest creations in human history. Fast forward a few thousand years and the effect was the invention of transport and machinery, the cause being necessity for ease of greater production, the effect being demand and the creation of jobs, increased income, which caused the pursuit of ever more luxury. Despite my whistle stop tour through the ages, it is clear that creativity abounds through each era of human history, breaking new ground mechanically, artistically, musically and scientifically. The more man created the more he wanted, ‘want’ being both cause and effect, because…… we are creative beings.

As machinery has become ever more powerful and science ever more precise, technology has burst into the 21st Century like an unstoppable train. Improved transportation created the need to communicate with other parts of the world. In 1837 Charles Babbage invented the first computer, causing Tim Berners-Lee, 152 years later to create the World Wide Web. The World WILL NEVER the the same again! Creative communication has taken us from Jungle Drums – Morse Code – Telephone – Mobile Phones – Social Media/Skype.

It is human nature to love, to create, to communicate, to share, to reach out to others. But the effect of all these marvellous creations has brought man almost full circle. Today we live in our luxury brick built caves, decorate our walls with fine paintings and turn on light and heating at the flick of a switch. Advertising explodes out of cyberspace at us daily with products, jobs, social media and communication at our fingertips. We can have everything we want delivered to our front door, and actually never need to leave our houses again if we so desired. Everything has been born out of man’s need for comfort, to make life easier, faster, more profitable. More and more people are choosing to work from home because it is easier and more comfortable.

But are we any more fulfilled as human beings now with all this wonderful technology and our throw away society than the cave man with his flint and animal skins? It is my belief that on a deep emotional level we are still left wanting. Why else are we doing the Master Keys Course if our lives are just perfect? What is still missing? A walk around our shopping malls highlights plainly many human beings with miserable, blank looks? Have you noticed how people who actually smile and laugh jump out of the crowd at us? What do they have that others don’t?

“Inductive reasoning is the process of the objective mind, by which we compare a number of separate instances with one another until we see the common factor that gives rise to them all.” (Haanel 11:1)

I discussed in Week 8 how EVERYTHING has come into being through the creative thought of man. But the effect of being able to obtain anything for our pleasure via computer technology has caused a lack of physical effort and creative, artistic, hands on production for many. Humans are creative beings, with a need to feel, to belong, to be accepted, to love and to express ourselves. Clicking a button is not satisfying. It does not meet that deep yearning within us. And the most recent advances in technology are voice activated computers!!!!!          If everything around us is a result of cause and effect, what will be the effect of these technological advances?

Humans crave touch. It is instinctive. We shake hands as a means of greeting each other, we hug to give and receive affection and love. Young children touch everything. Why? Because it is therapeutic, it is healing, it connects us to the world without. As technology evolves further we must maintain physical creative expression, which allows the brain and spirit to relax and just be. The happiest people are those who ‘be’ and ‘do’. In the depth of our Soul we feel and we must express feeling. What is your passion in life and are you fulfilling it?