Week 13 Drip Drip

The Power of the Ocean 

So this has been Christmas week and we have all had lots of things going on in our lives besides the MKMMA. But I have noticed like many on this course that my thinking has changed this Christmas to previous years. In quieter moments I have spent time considering how I want to move forward with my Purpose and Goals in 2014.

Our reading this week has been about gaining a deeper understanding of our True Self. Haanel 13:26 says “recognise that fact that you are a part of the whole, and that a part must be the same in kind and quality as the whole; the only difference there can possibly be, is in degree.” In Week 5 I asked whether a thimble of salt water from the ocean is any less salt water than the ocean itself. If the few drops of water were to be analysed through a microscope it would be evident that the answer is ‘No’. The water in the thimble contains the same elements as the whole.

So let me ask another question now………… Suppose we fill…….



a bucket




a jug



and a thimble


with water from the ocean. Which do you think is the strongest? Most useful? Most powerful? Have the most impact?

The most logical and obvious answer would be the bucket as it contains the most water. After all, what use are a few drops in a thimble to anyone?………….however, with this assumption we are forgetting the lesson Haanel is teaching us.

We are looking at the size of the vessel and considering the uses for the water. But………… if ‘a part is the same in kind and quality as the whole and the only difference is one of degree’, then we are overlooking a crucial point……….. Now imagine if we pour the drops in the thimble back into the ocean and call on the power of the ocean of which the drops are a part, would this not be more powerful than a bucket full? hmmm

If we pour the water from the thimble, the jug and the bucket back into the ocean and call on the power of the ocean of which all are a part, we see that neither the bucket, the jug or the thimble are any more powerful than the others. They all carry the same potential power, all are part of the whole. The contained water becomes a part of the ocean and the ocean makes no distinction as to the vessel the water was contained in.

My analogy here is to illustrate that we are the vessel, and our spirit ‘I’ is the part. Universal Mind is the Whole of which we are a part. Like each of the water vessels we are all different, but when we rely only on our own strength we limit our potential.


“Become a channel whereby the Infinite can bring about the realisation of our desire.”