Week 21 When you do what……?

What you’ve always done……

How many times have you heard someone say………..

“When you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always got.” (Henry Ford)

Have you ever considered the scientific truth behind this phrase? I hadn’t until recently ……..

Haanel tells us in his introduction to Chapter 21of The Master Key, ‘We know that the universe is governed by law; that for every effect there must be a cause, and that the same cause, under the same conditions, will invariably produce the same effect.’  We have been learning throughout the MKMMA about cause and effect, how our thoughts are vibrational magnets, and it is by Law of Attraction that ‘like attracts like’.                                                               (Incase you missed it, I discussed magnets in Week 17)

uhoh“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” (Albert Einstein)    Ooops!!!

Ok, so how do you stop your mind thinking about the things that you do not want?

“From science we learn that every thought creates an impression on the brain, that these impressions create mental tendencies, and these tendencies create character, ability and purpose, and that the combined action of character, ability and purpose determines the experiences with which we shall meet in life.” (Haanel 21:10)

we_can_do_itHaanel goes on to tell us in verse 14 that “It is, however, no easy matter to change the mental attitude, but by persistent effort it may be accomplished; the mental attitude is patterned after the mental pictures which have been photographed on the brain; if you do not like the pictures, destroy the negatives and create new pictures; this is the art of visualization.” 

“The vitality depends upon the feeling with which the thought is impregnated. If the thought is constructive, it will possess vitality; it will have life, it will grow, develop, expand, it will be creative; it will attract to itself everything necessary for its complete development.” (Haanel16:21)

“The ability to eliminate imperfect conditions depends upon mental action, and mental action depends upon consciousness of power; therefore, the more conscious we become of our unity with the source of all power, the greater will be our power to control and master every condition.” (Haanel 21:5)


    ……’think big thoughts. The creative energies of mind find no more difficulty in handling large situations, than small ones. Mind is just as much present in the Infinitely large as the Infinitely small.” (Haanel 21:7)

At the beginning of the MKMMA we were implored to write out our goals and desires in such a way that it created positive feelings within us. We have followed a series of exercises to help us learn how the brain creates new habits, enabling us to grow belief, imagination, feelings and a positive mental attitude over our power within to create the life we want. We set out four SMART goals to focus on and I can say with hand on heart that when I wrote mine I did not truly believe it was possible to achieve them, but I was willing to trust Mark J and follow the exercises to the very best of my ability. Twenty one weeks on and my 1st SMART goal is happening, my 2nd SMART goal is underway, and new people and opportunities are coming into my life that previously I would never have imagined possible; so if I can achieve this then I have every faith that SMART goals 3 and 4 will follow.

“….all men will have to take their place on one side to the other; they will have to go forward, or go back; there is no standing still in a world where all is motion; it is this attempt to stand still that gives sanction and force to arbitrary and unequal codes of law.” (Haanel 21:22) 

Set your Goals and Believe…turn the impossible into I’m Possible