Week 20 By George!!!!

I think she’s got it


Wow, what a week it’s been!

The Hero’s Journey = The Call to Action, Decision, Determination, Persistence, Focus, Helpers and Mentors, Transformation and Return.

Hanging onNo one makes it without a Mastermind Group! That’s what we’ve been told over and over throughout the Master Keys and oh boy is that ever true.

When you feel you are only hanging on by your finger nails, its your group that helps you up.



When you feel that surge of power to run and jump the precipice, its your group that cheers you on.




When you just need to rest and catch your breath, its your group that mops your brow.

And when you feel the fears and old blueprint taking over, its your group that shouts…………

nevergive up



COME ON, YOU CAN DO IT.                                   NEVER, NEVER, NEVER ever GIVE UP!!!!



This week has been a huge turning point in my MKMMA journey. Through the persistence, focus and help of Mark J and his team, my own determination, persistence and focus, and with the support of my wonderful group of Courageous Divas (Sue Bryant, Alice Eubank, Geni Witt, Nancy Mills, Konstantina Bourmou, Susan Higley, Heather Plude and Anna Ray Richardson) my cement has crumbled and I have climbed the treacherous, rocky path to the top of my mountain, and the view today is………


“When you begin to perceive that the essence of the Universal is within yourself — is you — you begin to do things; you begin to feel your power; it is the fuel which fires the imagination; which lights the torch of inspiration; which gives vitality to thought; which enables you to connect with all the invisible forces of the Universe. It is this power which will enable you to plan fearlessly, to execute masterfully.” (20:8)

“The man who looks within instead of without cannot fail to make use of the mighty forces which will eventually determine his course in life and so bring him into vibration with all that is best, strongest and most desirable.” (Haanel 6:18)

“If you have been faithful to your ideal, you will hear the call when circumstances are ready to materialise your plans and results will correspond in the exact ratio of your fidelity to your ideal. The ideal steadily held is what predetermines and attracts the necessary conditions for its fulfilment.” (Haanel 8:25)

I believe my call came this week reading Marianne Williamson’s new book ‘A Year of Miracles, my reflection for Wednesday was as follows:

On Becoming Who You Are.

‘Wherever you’ve been, and whatever you’ve done so far, your entire life was building up to this moment. Now is the time to burst forth into your greatness, a greatness you could never have achieved without going through exactly the things you’ve gone through. Everything you’ve experienced was grist for the mill by which you have become who you are. As low as you might have descended, in God there are no limits to how high you can go now. It is not too late. You are not too damaged. In fact, you are better than you know.’                 (Marianne Williamson – A Year of Miracles)

Does this mean it’s time to take off my walking boots and take a rest? Not on your life……  😀 It’s time to get to work on my new business and create the future I want, that is in harmony with Universal Mind and will help people reconnect with their own creative imagination.